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  1. NO NO NO. I love H-town, that's my home. I was actually talkin bad about Atlanta cause someone gave Atl some props. Look at my post again. I was basically saying the only reson why Atlanta's is so close is because they only really have one city center and midtown is so close that is whuy Atlant's shows so close and they opnly build on one street. Peachtree Street. to mee that's a bad thing. I love Houston, I'd beat any one down for ragging on my Hometown of h-town. Darn, what about the building over near the HL&P building, or did they build there already. It's been years since I drove through. the only thing I do in that area now is drive through back and forth to the Airport when I come to my city. 4th largest in the land.
  2. I wonder what affect or effect will this have on Texas Southern univ?
  3. well just remember, since I live in Atlanta, There downtown is seperated from it's midtown area only by a double freeway going through it and seperatedfrom Buckhead by two freeways and a street. Now most of the new construct in Atlanta is either in the North end of Midtown or is being constructed by georgia State downtown for student housing. The new constructs in huston has a lot to do with TMC with 5 different constructions going on, some stuff going up in Greenspoint as well as in the differnet Buisness districts. The amount weather near are far is still an amount....lol....go Houston.
  4. Well actually houston has 40, don't forget about the Mark condo's were 2 buildings, 2727 Lan Pkwy 3333 Alan Parkway and the expansion of the Galleria. Also the new building on memorial that American general built. Also Don't forget that the University of Houston has added several buildings to there main campus and downtown one
  5. When was the last time that San Antonio annexed an area. They can't go west because of sdesert, can't go North cause of San marcus or South bacause of Military, only North towards Austin and East towards Houston. the reason why San Antonio city wize is bigger that dallas is because people in dallas are moving to the burbs and in san Antonio people are living actually in the city. The city population actually is more relevant than the metro population when it comes to the economics of that city. Infastructure, more things get placed in your city by what the population is. Also depends on what type of Metro you are. If you are like dallas, San Jose, Baltimore or Philly. You actually have another large city near you that takes care of it's own economic impact. Fort Worth and Arlington both were there before Dallas and already had there own impact and then Dallas. Now Dallas impact toward it's region is more important and larger than san Antonio's but not Houstons. Houston's impact is felt all over. people in the metro of h-town are greatly impacted by Houston, even galveston has impact stemed from houston (of course if it wasn't for a hurrican in 1900 then galvston wouyld be the 2nd largest city in the US) . Now Atlanta, when I go to work, more people are going to other cities than are going into Atlant at times. So they feed of each other. The impact and the relevance of a metro or city is different. In Houston it means one thing, Dallas another and San Antonio another. No matter how you put it, if San Antonio was near Houston it would be part of our Metr because san Antonio doesn't have as strong an impact.
  6. Well Tiger Stadium had charm, definitly had History and mystique (Tha natural) and it's now just part of the parking lot for there new stadium. They just kept it until it really started to fall apart. Man, what is a fast city. there is no such thing as a fast city New Orleans was considered the other City that never sleeps and they had no plans in replacing the Super Dome. New York was doing it to lure both a Super Bowl and an Olympics. Man leave tha stuff alone..
  7. Then I guess the Giants and the Jets aren't New York teams since they aren't in New York. Honestly the Rangers ae not a Dallas team, and never was. It's been an Arlington team. It's amazing that the two times we hosted the SuperBowl, they were not at the AstroDome. Rice and reliant
  8. If you are going to compare it to Atlanta, better compare it to the 17th Street project ? Atlantic Station. Houstons Uptown puts Buckhead to shame. trust me i have lived in and chilled in both. Uptown is way bigger and a lot more buisnesses and nite life, ever since the club scene went down in Atl. Actually it was houston that started this redevelopment stuff back with the rice Lofts and Bayou place.
  9. When did they find this out? I work with Permits and when a developer or whoever wants to build something, they put in an application to build and sense this building is downtown, the only thing that this did was switch from Commercial to mix-use. Then this generates a worksheet that will generate a permit card and lastly a sign permit card. This doesn't take long sense there was already something else on the lot. The Permit should have beenm the 1st thing done before McDonalds came down.
  10. Oh yeah, where's Baltimore Orioles, cause they should be in the top 5.
  11. Thanks emp, but the site is relatively old, it states that their are 76 and I know for a fact there are 83 but more than likely we are behind NY and DC. Just wasn't sure where Chi and Mia were.
  12. Ask the people near the mountains and by San Pedro, I've seen the lack of density there. One good thing about Houston is that we can get an influx of another 5 million people and all would be comfortable except on the freeways. I really wish mass transit would come but the politics of those d@mn republicans and mojney hungary councilmembers from back in the late 80's and early 90's caused it not to happen. If people had listen to Lee P. from get go we would have had it. I'm talking about when he was police cheif and had came over from Atlanta and was an important cog in starting it's rail system and knew it would have worked here.
  13. Like I mentioned earlier in a post, the reason Houston can't really grow outside it's CITY boundries population is because of other cities. Cypress- Fairbanks is to big in size to be annexed as is Katy and other defined cities. Now Sugerland and the woodlands charter calls for it to come under annexation as does Missouri city, but neither of it's populations is included in the population of Houston. If, and this is if Houston included all areas that is affected and utilized by Houston into it's metro, we would be in the top 6 in metro polpulation instead of the top 10. We are 8th or 9th depending on which source you use. One says we are ahead of Miami and another said's we are behind. If you think about 5 times the land that would be over 3 thousand square miles and California is not that wide.
  14. Does anyone know where we rank in Foreign consulates. I'm sure we are behind New York and possibly D.C, then again D.C. has mostly embassy's and not consulates. If anyone knows where we rank then what cities ae in front of us and their number and what city is directly behind us. I know Houston has 83 at least.
  15. What do you mean a little more historical. There would not have been a victory at the site of the Sam Houston monument if not for the person the statue is representing. The Yellow Rose of Texas.
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