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  1. It was not the entire semester....THS opened with 9th and 10th grade and did not play varsity the first year. Taylor was practically done and the gym could be used, bussed the team over to practice during the fall....etc...etc. Interesting note...that there were two football fields being used in KISD until 1984 when KISD Stadium (Rhodes) opened. Tiger Field and what is now the THS practice field was the other "stadium"! Its difficult to imagine the crowds (or lack of crowd, as compared to now).
  2. I have mentioned this on other threads. But at a bond presentation in early 2001, I asked infront of about 60 concerned citizens at the CFISD adm office, what the "Education Support Complex" was on the bond...and I was told by the presenter, that it included a football field and combination multi-purpose, basketball and preformance center. I dont think anything was hidden, CFISD has a great facility that is booked ever weekend and is used by almost every campus in the district. We live in a world of buzz words in the education world.... Instruction Support Center = Adm Building Education Support Complex = Auditorium and other support facilities Information Management Service = Computer folks Agricultural Science Center = Rodeo and Ag Barn Law Enforcement Complex = Police Department Transporation Center = Bus Barn New Parent Orientation Facility = Place for parents who do not speak English Student-Parent Assistance = Pre-school for high schools students with children Opportunity Awareness Center = School for disruptive students.......................the list is endless
  3. If you notice on the Feb 2007 presentation, the location is in a "star" which indicated that land had not been purchased at the time (of the presention). That was a projected location Clay/Katy Hockley, not set in stone. The bond authorized the search for land and the district found the property they wanted. The board approved the purchase of 140-acres at the SW corner of Peek Rd and Stockdick School Rd. Aug 27, 2007 meeting notes: http://www.katyisd.org/services/board/meeting.htm If you looked at the 2006 facilities study (no longer online), it should a future HS#9 in the Firethorn area with a "star", however, the district purchased property near Fulshear, and it was updated on the Feb 2007 study.
  4. The 2005 tax rate was $2.00 2006 tax rate was $1.85 The last board meeting (Aug.) they discussed the 2007 tax rate and it will be somewhere between $1.56 and $1.60 per $100 evaluation. You will know in the next 30 days what you owe at the end of the year.
  5. Its northeast of Katy and northwest of Morton Ranch HS. South of FM529, north of Clay Rd.
  6. Noticied the Katy school board, approved the purchase of the site for HS#8... ...140-acres (includes ele and jh) at the SW corner of Peek Rd and Stockdick School Rd.
  7. Yes, the only portion of Bridgeland that is in Katy ISD is the area south of House Haul Rd when you turn off of Katy-Hockley Rd until the first turn of House Haul Rd. The district lines then go south straight down Peek Rd until it intersects with Clay Rd. The Grand Parkway website, http://www.grandpky.com/segments/e/ gives a pretty good idea of the area in question. Katy ISD, in Feb 2007 projected between 300 and 430 houses...from the area. All these to be built between Fall 2011 and Fall 2016. I think the generic ratio is 8 students for every 10 houses (half of those students in 6-12 grades, the other half elementary). For Katy, they will have schools in the area, but I dont know about the numbers for dedicated schools "in" Bridgeland...time will tell. I am sure Bridgeland will push for the district to purchase school sites as close as possible. Bridgeland will have three good school districts, and probably two good CFISD High Schools, maybe the next one will be Cypress-Bridge High School????
  8. Katy ISD has not yet bought a site for a HS or JH near Bridgelands. They only have plans for a HS north of Clay Rd, but the actual site has not been purchased. Homes in the part of the Bridgelands within Katy ISD will not be get started for 5 years, and then its just a portion along House Haul Rd that is in Katy ISD, the bulk is CFISD.
  9. Unless you are directly next to the Wal-Mart itself, I would guess that it will not decrease your property value. Actually, you may find your value of the home, being increased because of new buisness in the area. I would agree with a previous poster, that what is causing a decrease in value of homes in your area...is the market of starter to moderatly priced homes. The first time and low income families are just not being approved for loans...and those that have had previous loans are defaulting in record numbers. This lowers values of certain neighborhoods.
  10. Stone Canyon Apartments just east of West Rd on Jones, is great. Lived there for many years...nice, good value.
  11. I know that CFISD bought land on 529 west of Fry road...and I remember in the school board report it said for a multi-campus site. Of course I cannot find it again, at the moment. This would be my guess. With all the development out 529, and with the planned Grand Parkway extended thru that area, I bet there will be another high school west of Cypress Springs. CSHS will be at or nearing capacity, when 9 and 10 come online (ranch and lakes), and with all the open land slated for development out near Settlers Villiage...I imagine that will be choice. Fairfield will be zoned to Cypress Ranch, which will be nearing capacity with Bridgeland, so I would guess, maybe out near Fairfield for the next one to relieve ranch. Since the area east of Barker Cypress is built out, those zones could be shifted with two more HS opening in the western portion???
  12. Thanks for the replies. Again, I do not know what her punishment should be...neither does anyone posting here. The school administrators, student and parents are the only ones involved...and they are able to make the best decision. Some want all punishment the same for an offense, and some want it MOLDED for the students behavior (past and present). Either way the district will be said it is too harsh or "not fair". What "due process" was she deprived? What "free speach" was she deprived? Note: Before going to law school, read the opinion you sighted ("Goss v. Lopez (1975)). The students (in Ohio at the time) had NO right to appeal the suspension under the law, that was the opinion of the USSC on lack-of-due process. Also, she is not being suspended from school (like the students in your case), she will continue to be educated at KISD. The Texas Education Code provides for appeal to the central office and then if not satisfied to the Board of Trustees (school board). Limitations are set on due process and free speach, and if you read the third to last paragraph of the majority opinion of your case, you will see the limitations explained. Again "public school district, as government institutions, are required to allow for due process, free speech, etc" is NOT a factual statement. Public school districts have leeway "to promote orderly administration of school activities". One thing I have learned is that claiming some constitutional flaw, without actually understanding the law is a rather difficult obstacle to overcome. You all do seem to already be great lawyers though, blame everyone else. My complaint, from the beginning, is that everyone wants to jump on the school district for acting to harsh, when very few know all the events that took place. Maybe there is more to the story... Good luck VicMan, PM me if you got anything else, I may have a little constitutional law background for you to learn. Otherwise I am done talking about this, have fun.
  13. "remember that public school district, as government institutions, are required to allow for due process, free speech, etc" WRONG "But school administrators are required to decisions comparable to decisions of judges in court systems, etc." WRONG I guarantee that government institutions test the limits of due process and free speech. The courts decide what is fact. School administrators are not comparable to court judges. That is a different branch of government.
  14. Trae, Thanks for your comment, on why you think Katy ISD is "messed up". Those where great examples...and I hope other readers can see what is going on in public schools. Either you can back the personnel on the front-lines and their decisions or you can second guess everything that these people do. I am not saying that anyone is 100% right, but everyone questioning school administrators, because they "dont think something is fair", is childish, and any ADULT knows life is NOT FAIR. Understand you dont know all the facts. Erik dont know what you mean when you say "You are a substitute teacher? That figures.", but no I do not substitute teach. I do respect the job they do, and its important one at that. It is very difficult, I would assume, to enter a class of over 20 people (young people), and attempt to maintain some resemblence of control, follow the lesson plans ALL the while not knowing any or few of the students names. I can understand why a seating chart is important...but they wouldnt know many faces either. But that is for a different thread.
  15. I am glad that you knowing the background, means what her father is saying. I will guarantee that things are not always roses (who's are). Since each offense is MOLDED to the student, some children catch the extreme end of the scale. She got a different punishment for a reason, that I am sure is between the school administration, parents and student. I am glad the district, does not publish our school-year records for all to view. She may have a great record, but MAYBE SHE lied when caught or was disrespectful to the administrator...I dont know what happened...only the people involved know the details. If the district policy is those that are caught writing on the walls is A-School, then that is the rule, sorry appeal the decision to the superintendent and school board. Everyone would be upset if people got different punishments for the same thing...OH that is what everyone wants, the punishment molded for the student. That is what happened. Everyone (especially those with kids in school) should volunteer at their local school at least once or if your job schedule allows sign up to substitute teach. Its eye opening and a very rewarding experience.
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