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  1. Einstein and Goober and a cat I cant stand. Not sure what his real name is but I call himS*&$head
  2. There used to be one on 1960,across from Greenwood Forest, in the late 70's. I remember working the grill there in my checkered pants and paper hat. They still have great shakes and the chilli is pretty good.
  3. I worked at the one on 1960 by Champions, mid 70's. Just remember that you knew you were going to get fired when the manager told you to clean the walkin freezer
  4. Ming Yen Chinese Resturant on 1960 by Greenwood Forest. Believe it was around 1975
  5. Dont live in Houston anymore but Is Ming Yen on !960 by Greenwood Forest still around? Was my first job around 1975. Believe one of the owners names was Peter Pee. Also worked at the old Panjo's by Champions golf course. Remember the big window where everybody could watch you make the pizzas.
  6. All the concert posts bring back some foggy memories. Saw Yes probably 4 times mostly at the Colesium. First concert Skynyrd and the outlaws..Best one,either Bowie or Supertramp.late 70's. queen and Thin Lizzy a close second.
  7. Name it after Hap Harrington. Was a great principal when I was there in the 70"s.
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