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  1. Supposedly, Frank Liu seems to be having a bit of a problem on how he is going to pack townhomes on this plot. According to Frank, the city doesn't plan on helping combat costs for utility hookups. Instead the city wants Clinton Gregg Investments to create a MUD for the property. Frank said he has tried to get Jarvis Johnson's assistance but his hands are "tied". If this project is supposed to be LEED certified then why wont the city assist instead of hindering the project. I'd like to hear more on the city's take as I really find it hard to believe the city would hinder progress on a LEED project.
  2. I couldn't see the sign that says water plant. Maybe she saw a SWPPP(Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan). I did an entity search and Pinto East End LLC (Delaware) is governed by CIP GP, LLC(Cockrell Investment Partners). Left voicemail for Rhonda Fry at CIP and haven't heard back on this property.
  3. Just did a search on HCAD and this property is now owned by PINTO EAST END LLC, 1000 MAIN ST STE 3250, HOUSTON TX 77002-6338. I did a search on that address and it looks like The Cockrell Foundation is in this same suite. HCAD Record Wonder what the plans are?
  4. Update: From the EPA - June 2008 The EPA will hold an Open House to discuss the current and planned activities for OUs 1 and 3. The EPA will provide a brief background of the entire Site. The purchases will discuss the cleanup and planned activities for OU 1, including conceptual development plans for the future. The Open House will be held: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 7 p.m. Blanhe Kelso Bruce Elementary School (New School) 510Jensen Drive Houston, Texas 77020
  5. I haven't heard anything either on it. It's supposedly being sold. They have started demolition of all the buildings.
  6. The project is being developed by InTown/Lovett Homes. The architect is Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company (DPZ). http://www.dpz.com/project.aspx?Project_Nu...;type=undefined Seventh at 5th, formerly the MDI site, is a 38-acre former superfund cleanup industrial tract located 2 miles to the east of downtown Houston. The extensive environmental remediation was paid entirely by the developer. The site is bound by an operating vinegar factory, a public housing development, a number of deteriorating shotgun houses, several new town home developments, a new school, . Constraining the site are various easements, which influenced the design of two plan options. The first option extends the existing grid and subsumes the easements into the block structure, allowing the neighborhood to be bisected with an east to west linear green/pedestrian mall. The second option features a more organic block structure using the various easements and thin angles to create distinct sub-neighborhoods each with their own central green. Both plans include a proposed neighborhood commercial center to the south of the site, residences at 22 units per acre with a wide range of housing types and explicitly sustainable urban design. When built, Seventh at 5th promises to bring urbanity and stability to a neighborhood that is already showing signs of regeneration.
  7. New updates: 3617 Baer St, Houston, TX 77020 The EPA has issued an updated notice in regards to the Many Diversified Interests EPA Superfund Site. EPA - Many Diversfied Interests - July 2007 It seems cleanup has already begun on OU 1 & OU 3. In addition, many homes have been vacated. I'm not sure if this is part of of the OU 3 action plan or not. Nate
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