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  1. In a long ago career I found myself climbing on a structure that had a siren like this on it. My face was almost inside it for a few moments as I climbed over it. I was a little worried about what would happen if it went off while my face was directly in front of it. 😊
  2. 3 construction trailers are on the site.
  3. A large excavator was moved onto the site this morning. Demo has begun.
  4. That is quite reasonable and I shall pronounce it that way henceforth. I imagined Baron Von Underbeheit’s accent too.
  5. My problem with iPic isn’t the price. The issues that keep me from going more often is that the movies I want to see are either not showing or all the good seats are sold out.
  6. I’m with Texasota on this. Building just for vanity is a bad idea. A supertall when it’s not needed could actually damage the real estate market. Too much unused square footage is a very bad thing. Financially responsible development is better than ego development. We shouldn’t be concerned about height. Occupancy rates, unemployment rates, real estate prices and the price of oil are the numbers that really matter.
  7. Watching those guys work from above makes me think eventually we'll have drones over our constructions sites all day long for the supervisors to watch. We're already using drones that can scan our laydown yards to see how much material is moving out everyday. How long will it be before a drone operator is a standard position on every construction site that comes in everyday and puts up his drone(s)? Has anyone heard of something like this happening yet?
  8. There seems to be some activity on this site today. They've got one of those large dumpsters next to the main building and a bunch of vehicles on site.
  9. jgriff

    Car Talk

    Getting a major service done on my F355. Quite a few cool cars in the shop.
  10. Some poor guy that makes very little money is going to have to explain to the bosses how the site wasn’t secured and now the company has to pay to paint this container. Rowdy is a dick but at least he didn’t paint the townhouses at the back of the lot.
  11. I would definitely put it near the top. I live near the old river oaks shopping center which I would put near the top also. I looked near ROD when buying my house and the prices were very high per sf. I could have bought there but the house wasn’t quite as nice for the same money. I’m not sure I made the right decision. There’s a premium to live near ROD. I would not pay more than $2mil for anything in the Houston area if it’s not within official River Oaks though. No matter what, real River Oaks is always the top.
  12. I stand by my comment. It is not desirable to live next to government assisted housing. Live in a fantasy all you want.
  13. Not likely. The political outrage would be impossible to overcome.
  14. Being next to the park and downtown is great but Allen Parkway Village brings the whole area down. I wouldn’t want my family walking in that area alone. Get rid of Allen Parkway village and it would be great.
  15. I’m in the middle of my third merger/buyout in 2 years. We didn’t have any layoffs on the first one and upper management is telling us we won’t have any on this one either. The current one is creating a company with around 60k employees. I have 60 who work for me, we’ll be merging with a group around the same size. We plan no layoffs and are in fact hiring right now. A big reason behind the merger is getting the employees of the other company. Good employees in the energy sector are extremely difficult to find. We’ve been told over and over again to make sure that our staff know that this merger does not pose a threat to their jobs. A company with 10s of thousands of employees can reduce staff through attrition in a merger that is probably going to last years. You don’t need to have mass layoffs and it’s really stupid to announce them far more n advance if you’re going to do it.
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