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  1. I stand by my comment. It is not desirable to live next to government assisted housing. Live in a fantasy all you want.
  2. Not likely. The political outrage would be impossible to overcome.
  3. Being next to the park and downtown is great but Allen Parkway Village brings the whole area down. I wouldn’t want my family walking in that area alone. Get rid of Allen Parkway village and it would be great.
  4. I’m in the middle of my third merger/buyout in 2 years. We didn’t have any layoffs on the first one and upper management is telling us we won’t have any on this one either. The current one is creating a company with around 60k employees. I have 60 who work for me, we’ll be merging with a group around the same size. We plan no layoffs and are in fact hiring right now. A big reason behind the merger is getting the employees of the other company. Good employees in the energy sector are extremely difficult to find. We’ve been told over and over again to make sure that our staff know that this merger does not pose a threat to their jobs. A company with 10s of thousands of employees can reduce staff through attrition in a merger that is probably going to last years. You don’t need to have mass layoffs and it’s really stupid to announce them far more n advance if you’re going to do it.
  5. Wow, this guy needs to watch what he says. Sounds like he is desperately trying to defend this purchase. Selling corporate jets is one thing but announcing job cuts to the public at this stage is not wise. He just made every person that works for these companies start thinking about moving to another company. The best people will leave before the layoffs start and then you are left with the rest. Their competitors will now start actively poaching the best people they have. Anadarko staff will stop working and start polishing resumes and making calls. Amateur hour.
  6. If there are no other boutique hotels in this price range in the area then this hotel does "broaden the audience". There are people who want an expensive hotel.
  7. Does this area already have any boutique hotels in the $350-$500 a night range?
  8. They should be where land is cheap.
  9. Abatement crew and large excavator on site today.
  10. Crews were putting up fencing around the site at West Dallas and Marston yesterday.
  11. I’m in the middle of an energy business merger right now. We don’t anticipate large layoffs due to the merger. Right now the energy business is desperate for talent. I would see Chevron keeping the offices in the Woodlands just to keep their employees who live up there happy. Chevron just bought a lot of acreage and TALENT. They’re not going to want to lose that talent. The people who are most likely to be let go are management and they are not a large number. A dollar or two difference in the price of oil would have more affect on staffing levels than this merger.
  12. Its not the same situation. All the retail is street facing and pedestrian oriented unlike Greenstreet. Also, there is retail facing Allen Parkway clearly shown on the plan.
  13. There is a toilet at the Dunlavy building. I don't think there's anything between there and the skate park area. That's the only use I get out of the Dunlavy building.
  14. I agree. There are quite a few water fountains though. I carry a water bottle and fill it at them. The water tastes pretty bad though. It looks like there might be some retail in “A” and “B” facing the park. “B” is probably a long ways from starting construction though. I thought the Dunlavy was going to fill this role a bit but it’s turned into Brunch and private party spot. It’s of very little use to people who actually use the park.
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