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  1. I agree. It took a long time to start but once they did it’s gone quickly. I see a reduced crew working on Saturdays.
  2. Sorry about the screen. I finally took a moment to look out a window in our spare bedroom today. Can’t believe I didn’t even look until today! It’s very close. If anyone can tell me how to rotate this I will do it.
  3. Getting control of three blocks full of residential in this location would be quite the feat and also very expensive. Using the word “metonymically” in promotional materials makes me take them less seriously.
  4. I walk my dogs past this site daily. Lots of work being done but it is not apparent. From my observation it seems they have been working on drainage, fire water and grade elevation. For a couple of days there were trucks full of dirt unloading every few minutes. It seems they are raising the elevation of the high rise site. They appear to be moving slowly but the site is HUGE.
  5. I have 2.5 crates full of Razormaids! All the chapters, die cuts, and class-x plus most of the rest. Joseph Watt came over to my house for a party a couple years ago and signed a few of them. We played them all night and he told stories about each song. 😄
  6. The North lot that borders Allen Parkway is being partially cleared now. I figure it will be the lay down yard. Nothing worth photos this week. It’s still just an empty lot with earth moving equipment on it.
  7. From West Clay at Woodhead. Edit: Having 2 dogs on a leash makes it hard to keep your fingers out of the photo.
  8. All this talk about sewage reminded me of this paper I read a few years ago about historical sewage treatment in Houston. It seems like a boring subject but is actually very interesting to me. https://edocs.publicworks.houstontx.gov/documents/divisions/utilities/history_waste_water_operations.pdf
  9. https://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/An-abundance-of-apartments-could-overwhelm-a-14809090.php#item-85307-tbla-3
  10. Lots of activity on site today. All the trees were taken down.
  11. Fence is down. Heavy equipment on site. Lot is being cleared.
  12. Record exchange, sound exchange and of course record rack are the ones I remember. We would go to #s on Friday and record rack on Saturday. Bruce would help us identify the songs from the night before. I remember a friend spending $140 for the 12” of don’t walk when we all made about $4 an hour.
  13. In a long ago career I found myself climbing on a structure that had a siren like this on it. My face was almost inside it for a few moments as I climbed over it. I was a little worried about what would happen if it went off while my face was directly in front of it. 😊
  14. 3 construction trailers are on the site.
  15. A large excavator was moved onto the site this morning. Demo has begun.
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