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  1. There was a crew removing material from the former America’s location today.
  2. How many flights from Houston to Dallas and back can you buy for $30 billion?
  3. I worked on a similar project once. We replaced the top of the regenerator along with the cyclones. The crane we used was not quite as big as this one. This was 25 years go. We were told shutting down the unit cost $50k per day. We did a smaller 300 ton lift also and got it wrong three days in a row.
  4. I just don’t move for cyclist on the sidewalks in Buffalo Bayou Park anymore. If they want to hit me it’s gonna hurt them a lot more than me. If they can’t avoid me then they are going too fast.
  5. Regent Square has significantly widened the sidewalk from Allen Parkway to West Dallas along Dunlavy on the West side. What used to be a scary overgrown narrow sidewalk now can accommodate pedestrian traffic in both directions!
  6. You guys have me interested in finding out who this guy is. Guess I’ll look him up.
  7. The brochure seems to be gone. Did they already take it down? Edit: just noticed the “updated” brochure was in a post from 2.5 years ago.
  8. I would be surprised to see many new construction announcements in Houston for years. The projects that are in the ground now could be the last we see for a long time.
  9. I sure hope not too but I suspect it could be even worse. I’ve never seen layoffs in the petrochemical industry like I’m seeing now.
  10. There comes a point when the solution is worse than the problem. I’m starting to think 2% of the population dying might be a sacrifice we should make. After another month of this we might be very close to social unrest caused by economic issues, not medical ones.
  11. Downstream projects that are currently under construction are considering long delays and staff reductions now. We could be seeing massive layoffs in about 3 weeks. This is about to start getting very, very bad. I never thought I would see multi billion dollar construction projects that are underway grind to a halt.
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