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  1. I was at Porsche North Houston a few months ago. They didn’t have any 911s, Boxsters or Caymans. I was told to get a new 911 would take about 6 months.
  2. I remember he had the half of Chapter 9 with Feeling Like a Stranger on it for $300! Rebels was a rare one too? I don’t think I ever got a copy of it.
  3. I’ve been watching them work on the infrastructure for burying utilities for a long time. It’s all there. I just wonder when it’s going to be used.
  4. I can have an Uber at my front door in less than 10 minutes. Why would I ever ride a train to the airport?
  5. If I owned the land and the businesses I would shut them down and sell it. The tax appraisal is pretty low and I’m no expert but I figure it would sell for 4 to 10 million.
  6. Tickets and concession sales are the key to saving it. Everyone who wants to save the theatre needs to give them some business.
  7. I walked by it yesterday. No activity.
  8. How many flights from Houston to Dallas and back can you buy for $30 billion?
  9. I worked on a similar project once. We replaced the top of the regenerator along with the cyclones. The crane we used was not quite as big as this one. This was 25 years go. We were told shutting down the unit cost $50k per day. We did a smaller 300 ton lift also and got it wrong three days in a row.
  10. I just don’t move for cyclist on the sidewalks in Buffalo Bayou Park anymore. If they want to hit me it’s gonna hurt them a lot more than me. If they can’t avoid me then they are going too fast.
  11. Regent Square has significantly widened the sidewalk from Allen Parkway to West Dallas along Dunlavy on the West side. What used to be a scary overgrown narrow sidewalk now can accommodate pedestrian traffic in both directions!
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