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  1. Here is what really pisses me off about all the cops on that stretch of Kirby. Every day I drive Kirby from up near 518, all the way to the beltway. Along the way, I see lots of kids riding their bikes to school, and then I pass Marek elementary where there is a reduced speed school zone. I very, very, very (as one time I did) see a cop checking speeds on the SCR stretch of Kirby where children are trying to get to school in the morning. ALL the TIME in the morning I see cops on the stretch of Kirby mentioned in this thread. I've yet to be pulled over (but I'm sure it'll happen at some point), but when I do the first thing I'm going to ask the cop is why they are so concerned with me going 35 on a four lane stretch of road with no development when people are screaming up and down Kirby in SCR?? I'll point blank ask him if he thinks my $200 ticket is more important than the safety of school children. That should be fun, probably worth the money I'll pay for the ticket. Are they that concerned that I'll be driving so fast that I'll vere off the road and run over one of those pretty new street lights? Maybe they're afraid I'll tear up the grass or something....or they just want the money (bingo).
  2. I think you're thinking of the subdivision a little further down 288. I think it used to be called Rio Somethingoranother.....the place with the big rock formation as you turn in off of 288.
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