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  1. Here is what really pisses me off about all the cops on that stretch of Kirby. Every day I drive Kirby from up near 518, all the way to the beltway. Along the way, I see lots of kids riding their bikes to school, and then I pass Marek elementary where there is a reduced speed school zone. I very, very, very (as one time I did) see a cop checking speeds on the SCR stretch of Kirby where children are trying to get to school in the morning. ALL the TIME in the morning I see cops on the stretch of Kirby mentioned in this thread. I've yet to be pulled over (but I'm sure it'll happen at some point)
  2. I think you're thinking of the subdivision a little further down 288. I think it used to be called Rio Somethingoranother.....the place with the big rock formation as you turn in off of 288.
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