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  1. I've talked to 3 companies about installing a MM system in my Heights backyard. I don't feel real good about any of them. Prices range from $2500 to $4000 for my 50X100 lot. One company insists I dont need nozzles to spray under the deck or house. One company insists I need to put sprayers in both the front and backyard. And all are vague about the refill costs and warranty. Does anyone have experience with an installation and ongoing service?
  2. This property (directly behind Someburger), and its 2 adjacent properties to the west, have been vacant since I moved to Norhill 6 years ago. I queried PPNA about what they might know was planned for the property some time last year and the last post indicated the property was contaminated due to a dry cleaner occupying it some time ago. I recently contacted Harris County and the City to obtain any information they might have about the alleged contamination and received letters from both indicating there was no record in their files about contamination. So who determines if a property is contaminated? Why would the City and County not know if it were? How can I find out how contaminated the property is and what that means to me as a nearby homeowner? The property was sold to Natchez Properties LLC during this 6 year period and I have done a little research to try to find out what is planned there. This company, among many others (Airline Investments, Buffet, Inc., Pacemaker Homes, San Saba, Corp., L.P. Investments, Inc.), is connected to Joe F. Wheat. Anyone have an idea about how I should approach finding out about the contamination and the plans for the property? Thanks, I am a new poster but have visited this forum many times and appreciate all of the information and opinions offered.
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