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  1. I am looking for a preschool program in the West Houston area for my 3 year old. We are moving from Calgary in a month. I would appreciate any input. It could be a mothers day out, 2,3, or 5 day program. We aren't to picky on the price, location or amoutn of time she spends there, but we do want a safe and clean environment. It could be religious or not. Thanks in advance!
  2. I am an early childhood teacher. I'm not sure who the designer was, but I think the design won some awards. I remember reading about it in the paper. It has a really child friendly design, with all classrooms surrounding an inner courtyard. There are tricycle trails and a playground in the coutyard, along with landscaping. The classes have huge floor to ceiling windows looking into courtyard. I think the design was so good that they replicated it 4 times. I would love to teach Pre-K there!
  3. I've had marble before, and as long as I kept it waxed and wiped up spills it was beautiful. It does require alot more care than granite, but its doable for me. BTW It's great for rolling out pastries.We don't have pictures as we are moving from Canada on a job transfer. We have only seen the house once on a house hunting trip. Scary huh?
  4. The atrium was concreted over by the previous owners, so i will have to use potted plants. The ficus sounds like a great option. Maybe a fountain too. Thanks! I like the look of the white rocks in your pictures. It looks better than cracked concrete!
  5. Thanks, we may do a marble or maybe soapstone, because those would have been available materials back then. The soapstone has a very pretty and dark finish. I'll keep thinking about the paneling, but as the room is 21 x 12 it's very cave like. Since it's an addition, we may end of tearing the room out and starting over. The dark brown shag carpeting does nothing for me either! BTW- we haven't moved in yet, so we have alot of work to do.
  6. What plants are good for an enclosed atrium? It's kind of a dead space right now.
  7. Thanks for the ideas, but I am interested in using materials they used in the 60's. Did they use stone countertops? (maybe old fashioned marble?) I would like to preserve the house as much as I can. So I was thinking of using tile on the counters and floor. I was born in 74, so I have no idea what tiles were popular in the 60's- subway tiles, square, matte, shiny? What colors were popular- other than pink, aqua, or plain white. Any advice would be great.
  8. It's the cheap tacky fake kind-terribly nasty stuff.
  9. Can anyone advise me on what materials to use for a kitchen remodel of a 60's ranch home. It's not a mod, but it has some mod touches. I don't want to use formica/linoleum, and I'm thinking of using tile. What color/kind of tile would be appropriate. (I don't want granite/stainless steel look, but clean fresh and in keeping with thw home) I am also looking for ideas on redoing a 1970's den addition that is paneling. should I paint?
  10. I have lived in homes with speed bumps in front and homes without speed bumps. I have found that they are there for a reason, as they are placed on streets with fast and frequent traffic. My old home backed onto Westheimer, and the drag racers were so dangerous and loud. i wished there were speed bumps, but i know itwas not a reasonable place for them. I hate commuters who race through neighborhoods trying to shave off a few minutes in traffic. I was almost hit by a truck while walking my baby in her stroller one day,(No sidewalks) and I think speed bumps would have helped prevent this.
  11. Thanks for the information. My husband leaves for work early too. It just makes sense when you live in a crowded city like Houston. We sure will miss the light traffic in a smaller town.
  12. How long would a commute from Hwy 6 and 59 to the galleria take? (sugar creek edition) We are moving back to Houston from Canada, and we want a decent commute for my husband(less than 40 minutes if possible). We have been spoiled by the traffic in Calgary, as it takes my husband 5-10 minutes to get to work here!
  13. I am so pleased to have you respond. Briarmeadow is my top pick right now. You can't beat the home value, large lots and location. It's so close to everything, and it reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in. Thanks for the info!
  14. Dodo's chicken on Richmond west of the beltway has the best Columbian food!!!Roasted chicken, beans and rice and arepas- cheap and delicious! I wish I could eat here, but I live in Canada now. I can't wait to move back.
  15. Luling City Market 4726 Richmond Ave, Houston
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