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  1. Hi jgriff, I want to personally thank you for your offer. I really appreciate it, however I cannot take you up on it as I already have a job which is the reason I am relocating to Houston! thanks a lot for the offer though, it goes a long way to reflect on the friendliness of all of you in Houston! Thanks a lot, Andy
  2. Hi, Thanks a lot for your replies, this is great information! I appreciate your help, and of course, more thoughts are welcome! Thanks, Andy
  3. Hello, Yes, I have posted the same topic on city-data, as I assumed both forums did not have an overlapping audience. My apologies if some of you are reading this post twice or if these two sites are linked. Thanks, Andy
  4. Hi, Thanks for the replies and links. I will have to wait a few days before I can browse the links at ease as I am travelling and have a terribly slow dial up connection these days! The statement sounded odd to me as well, but I guess my friend did not know much about the actual scenario in Houston! Thanks, Andy
  5. Hi all, I hope everyone is well! As you may know I am evaluating my relocation options between Boston and Houston. Some of my friends told me that "Houston is a dying city, businesses are moving away" Is that true? I thought Houston was the oil/gas/petroleum/energy capital of the world and had a very active port as well? Are businesses moving away? What types of businesses are running the show these days? One of the reasons I am interested in moving to Houston is because I want to explore business opportunities in fields such as offshore, energy, petroleums, but if they are leaving Houston, then thats a minus point for me! Are there any major aviation players (R+D, Mfr, Services)? Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks a lot, Andy
  6. Hi Friends, I just spoke with the Camden leasing office, they seemed to still be less than 100% up and running and were insistent that I 'come in and take a look' to which I tried to explain that I am not in another state, but in another country! I am expecting an email from them with some apartment details soon. I am slightly familiar with the midtown area, as I have visited it about a year or so ago and spend a day there, but after hours on work, not house hunting. A bit about me, I just graduated from Wharton, Upenn, which is in the heart of Philadelphia, and lived in center city Philadelphia. Before that I have lived in New York, which I found too fast paced and a bit aggressive, and prior to that studied and lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which was more of a 'car' town. From what I have read so far it seems that Bayou on the Bend is a good location, within a 5-10 minute drive to various conveniences. What really attracted me to Bayou on the Bend was the new construction, nice finishes in the apartments and good floor plans. However, I knew very little about the area, which your replies have provided great info about, and still know very little about the actual community itself, such as quality of the apartments, general demographics of the tenants (e.g. mostly middle aged families, or a mix with young professionals), maintanence, etc. I also believe it has various amenities in the complex such as a swimming pool, hottubs, etc. which I have never seen any graphic or picture of, thus would love any thoughts! Thanks so much for all your interest in my topic, please keep your thoughts coming, and let me know if I can answer any questions. Thanks, Andy
  7. Hi friends, Thanks for all your help. I am a bit limited in my ability to choose another location because I am currently out of the country, and don't know anyone in Houston who can take the lead on finding another apartment community. I definitely cannot request my company to do so once again. I am basically looking for a ~1-2 bedroom apartment in a nice secure, relatively newer apartment community, with basic amenities such as secure parking, proximity to stores/restaurants etc. I was told that Bayou on the Bend would be a good choice, so I began talking with the leasing office out there. Things are pretty much final unless through our discussions here I get some options which I can pursue without being in Houston. I am hoping that someone who either lives there or knows about the property chips in with their thoughts about the apartments, community, services, management, neighbors etc. Please keep your thoughts coming. Thanks, Andy
  8. Hi Friends, I did a search and have found bits and pieces of information to answer my question, however, would appreciate some fresh thoughts. I am moving to your wonderful city from Philadelphia, PA after having just completed my MBA and MA in International Studies. I will be living on Memorial Drive. I have a couple of questions: 1) Is there a Thai population of any significance in Houston? I am interested in continuing my studies in the Thai language 2) Are there any good Thai restaurants near Memorial drive (zip 77007), I would like places with good food, rather than just a fancy overpriced eatery 3) I really enjoy Indian food (North and South Indian) and was wondering what the Indian population is like in Houston and what the availability of Indian food is, especially options that are priced reasonably. I have seen a lot of census data on various immigrant populations and done the searches, but just wanted some first hand information. Should I expect Philadelphia where I had the choice of 3-4 Indian restaurants, all of which were terrible, and had to drive 25 miles (which is a lot in Philadelphia) to eat South Indian food (e.g. Dosa) Thanks friends, Andy
  9. Thanks anyway! I hope they have changed since then! Have a great day! Andy
  10. Seems like they have those channels now.....http://www.phonoscopecable.com/channel_lineup/ I am stuck with them, so I hope someone has a positive experience! Thanks, Andy
  11. Hi Friends, Thanks for your replies. I prefer to rent initially as I am moving alone and not familiar with the area and state, thus do not want to rush into purchasing. My company helped my locate this property, and I have not had a chance to visit it or the area. Thanks, Andy
  12. Hi, I will be moving to Houston shortly and the apartment community that I have rented at provides cable/internet service through PHONOSCOPE. Can anyone please tell me if this is a good provider, especially for high speed internet? How reliable are they and their customer service? Thanks, Andy
  13. Hi, Thanks for all the replies. It seems that the location is convenient and proximal. Sorry to be nit picky, I was wondering if there is any good dry cleaner for mens suits, shirts and pants closeby? Any thoughts on the actual property will be welcome, I believe there are a lot of properties on Memorial Drive, any reason why this is on the expensive end compared to many other rental properties? Have a great day! Thanks a lot, Andy
  14. Hi, I am considering moving from Philadelphia (just graduated) to Houston and living in Bayou on the Bend apartments on Memorial Drive in ZIP 77007. I will be living in a townhome on the top floor, with a designated garage on the same floor, so hopefully that should reduce flooding related issues. I will be commuting to my office in the Continental Tower building (Smith Street) Does anyone have experience living in this property or any knowledge about it? Also, wondering what the 77007 area is like, I am single and like to keep myself busy either doing chores, dining (mostly take out or a quick bite alone until I meet people), seeing movies, meeting people. I would also like to be proximal to supermarkets for daily needs, e.g. bread, toiletries as well as services such as a post office, dry cleaner, gas station. I will really appreciate any help that you have. Thanks, Andy
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