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  1. The average Class A luxury apartment in Houston is fetching about $2,800 a month for a unit the size of the Connery. I think 2929 is getting almost $4,000 a month for some of the 2-2s. However, the HOA assessments are insane (unless they pay for water, electric and trash). The number also leaves out the mortgage insurance, which I'm sure is $100-200 or up, unless you boost your down payment to 20%, or $100,000. So the net price may be a wash if you factor in the tax savings. We'll know for certain if some of the purchasers turn around and rent out their condos. Also, I would only recommend A
  2. That actually has happened. If you look at the census numbers, Dallas is one PMSA and Fort Worth is another. The same theory suggests Brazoria and Galveston will become separate PMSAs within the Houston MSA.
  3. In 1980, Houston was bigger than Dallas and Fort Worth combined. The bust changed all that.
  4. I wondered about that myself, as it appears to be across the river from Georgetown, DC.
  5. Not bad for the fastest growing metro in the country.
  6. Shouldn't they be halfway out of the ground already and starting to plan Phase II?
  7. Is Cannino's what became of Houston's original Farmer's Market from the '70s? I remember my parents and their friends would go co-op on bulk orders of produce from that market, then split them up later.
  8. Incidentally, the city of San Francisco is seeing its own examples of shortages these days. I'm not talking about water; it seems the last West Coast dockworkers' strike has dried up the supply of window glass, although what that reveals is too much reliance on China for building materials.
  9. Do you remember the '70s when those things were more numerous than mosquitoes? Every patch of vacant green grass became a helipad.
  10. I'll have you know that's The Prestigious Loop 610, thank you very much! http://swamplot.com/how-the-610-loop-earned-its-prestige/2015-03-25/
  11. New York is pricing condos at $6,000 psf. And selling whole floors.
  12. They were going to have a penthouse called the Jackson, but I think they were concerned about MFing snakes on the MFing roof.
  13. It has to be tightly-run. The street vendor situation in Washington, DC, was positively atrocious.
  14. City Vista is in a great location. Every July, when Fringe starts, the area becomes a hub of activity. The only problem is no parking.
  15. Sierra Nevada is apparently still in the mix. This facility needs to be designed to capture the manufacturing segment of the space business; there will probably not be anything more than weekly launches into space until the last half of this century(so much for that monorail!).
  16. I looked diligently for any old records of it. It's all down the memory hole.
  17. The downspouts are all up against the interior structured parking, and the roof drains towards the center. Though they could be scuppered. All I know is my apartment block has some nice waterfalls that flow into the garage.
  18. Not as far-fetched as you would imagine. Harris-Teeter builds groceries in the bottom of apartment blocks. Works fine until the sewer backs up.
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