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  1. That's going to be the view from someone's office. I realize it's false color and everything, but magnificent.
  2. BG Group is a British oil and gas company with a downtown office - in BG Group Place, naturally: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-07/shell-said-to-be-in-talks-to-buy-bg-group-to-extend-lead-in-gas
  3. Some cold water: Shell Oil is negotiating to buy BG Group, which occupies one of the newer skyscrapers downtown. If the deal goes through, expect more sub-lease space on the market.
  4. It's certainly...colorful. The water features on those roofs are certainly novel, but they're probably the first thing to get value-engineered out of the project.
  5. That building no longer exists. If they were going to stick in remembered icons of another era, they should have added the Shamrock. I still have to wonder what kind of finances are behind Medistar and whether they can pull this off. If nothing else, the residential building shows they're ambitious.
  6. This is actually a lot better looking than we had been led to believe, and the mix of housing at $2 a square foot and at "affordable" rates is encouraging. With any luck, this will spur changes on North Main Street.
  7. There are at least two other towers going up on 57th Street that will be taller. The next set of 9-11 terrorists won't know which building to fly the planes into...
  8. Fort Worth is trying to achieve that with Panther Island. So far, it looks like nothing's changed in 30 years.
  9. BisNow happened to mention them in connection with a CoreNet donation: CoreNet Aids New Hope's New Development"...CoreNet’s Houston chapter presented New Hope Housing with $36k, donating money the org raised in its annual golf tourney. The check will go towards a 187-unit apartment community that New Hope is in the pre-development process for now adjacent to an emergency services campus off Highway 288 and Reed Road. It will feature 6k SF of shared spaces for support services and one-, two- and three-bedroom units. New Hope develops safe, affordable, debt-free single-room occupancy housing.
  10. That's a relief, as otherwise it would flood every other year.
  11. In honor of the pace of construction, those cyclists are moving by at no more than 2 miles an hour...
  12. I think if you look carefully, you can see the first cornerstone being laid for Block 334. They say when it's done, it will really be something.
  13. The first hint that this is not just a straight-up commercial venture is that the Downtown Redevelopment Authority is involved and they've issued an RFP. We'll see who comes sniffing...
  14. It seems like nobody will build anything downtown without a bribe incentive package.
  15. You need to visit any of the NYC threads on SSP to find more incredible. There are at least half a dozen supertalls going up - the tallest being the Nordstrom Tower, which is a foot shorter than 1WTC. The skyline looks nothing like what we remember back in 2001. (Shamelessly swiped from SSP. By Bibek Singh's Photography)
  16. There is a launch pad going in down near Brownsville. They already expect to launch over the Gulf (at least that's what the EIS said). Bolivar would be redundant. When they make the launch vehicles capable of taking off horizontally, that will put Ellington in the game.
  17. So a water feature in front of the stage? Fort Worth has a spot on Panther Island that has a water feature between the audience and the stage. It's called the Trinity River.
  18. It's the new normal for Houston. DC apartments are already getting that much in rent for a 1 b.r. Don't expect the oil bust to change that dynamic much.
  19. And that's probably not all of them...
  20. There are moves in Congress to limit the EB-5s, so there could be a land rush for any remaining opportunities before the law changes. Houston needs to get some of the action that New York and Miami are getting. But I suspect that is a function of how well the city is known overseas.
  21. It is. I am surprised to see that style, which seems to be more suited for Chinese supertalls like the Chow Tai Fook and the Ping An.
  22. 94% is the average for the entire Houston metro area, so OPP is right in line.
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