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  1. I guess that's a concrete example of the value of a smaller, fuel-efficient car.
  2. This side of town is starting to hop with activity, as both Generation Park and Valley Ranch are ramping up. The momentum is here.
  3. DC has Busboys and Poets - food, drink, extensive library, countercultural poetry slams on a regular basis. Houston could stand some of that - and not off Washington Avenue.
  4. I would have not expected professional lacrosse in Houston except for the MLL's plans to bring the All-Star Game to BBVA. Lacrosse is very much an East Coast game. None of the Houston schools have much of a lacrosse tradition. As for hockey, Quebec had a team and it left for bigger gates elsewhere. It's interesting that ACBJ rated all the possible cities for the NHL and put Houston on top of the list. Happenstance?
  5. I've seen Lamar and I've seen schools on Northside; it appears the renovations are updating the school buildings nicely. But updates cause their own controversies, as the demolition of the old Wheatley High demonstrated. (Incidentally, a lot of famous names in basketball went through that high school; it used to be a direct pipeline to Guy Lewis and U of H).
  6. I'm not sure the space is sufficient to support a campus layout; campuses suggest lower density and more greenspaces (e.g. Exxon Mobil), and this tract is comparatively small. But the concept does appear a bit dated, though that's a complaint that can be lodged against other recent proposals (you hearing me, Cambridge?)
  7. And that was a fun groundbreaking. I think at some point the School District will realize prices are not going to come down a whole lot and get off the pot. Somewhere I saw that materials costs for projects in the Woodlands had dropped about 7%, but that's it.
  8. The last "major" hockey team was the Houston Aeros, who brought home two league championships before folding in 1978. Houston has also had a minor league hockey team, but they got kicked out of Toyota Center two years ago and relocated to another city. Now the talk is hot and heavy about bringing an NHL franchise to Houston - but the NHL spurned the Aeros in 1978, and the recent closing of a minor league team for lack of local support doesn't look good (and even after four championships, the WNBA couldn't make it in Houston). So what's it going to take to bring the Aeros back? (My guess - a de
  9. Us former Virginians do a double-take any time we see a reference to the James River Oaks. Makes us think of Richmond.
  10. The Permits section for HBJ confirms what we're seeing. $3 million building permit issued to the Lusk Group for 2915 North Main. This one is going up.
  11. I have optimism for Block 334. The hotel at the northeast corner of the Hardy Toll Road and I-45 took 18 months but finally became a Homewood Suites. Speaking of that, has anyone else had the experience of driving in on I-45 and passing the tower cranes that loom like sentinels on either side of the 242 interchange? Two hospital complexes are going up.
  12. There are supposed to be high-albedo roofing materials that all the LEED builders use to cut down on heat absorption. It is also possible to create concrete in different colors by adding pigments. The white roofs on ROD are supposed to be high reflectivity, but indeed, a green roof or two might have done more and looked nicer.
  13. Interesting that they have no home but all the touches of home. Perhaps they used an exterior decorator?
  14. Not sure what it portends for downtown building occupancies. Probably a few redundant spaces. And people.
  15. Had to correct this due to a news item in today's Bloomberg...
  16. Damn - I was hoping I could move it to a lot out by New Waverly...
  17. I think gas just escaped me. I suppose you could think of the Alessandra as Jesus, if Jesus had some really bad plastic surgery just before the Last Supper.
  18. Why waste it on greenery when you can add PARKING! (and create a nice little heat island for those Houston summers)
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