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  1. Do the tall floors at the lower level count as one floor or two? That's a massive building and it's still got several floors to go.
  2. Let's put it this way - if they think they can get it cheaper by waiting, they're dreaming. Or sharing the bowl that HISD is smoking.
  3. It may be defying all conventional wisdom, but WTI oil is over $60 a barrel this morning. At this rate, half the E&P companies in town are going to regret all those layoffs they made at the beginning of the year when November rolls around.
  4. He needs to have a muralist paint an alligator on the sides of those garages.
  5. All that hyperventilation over a six-story wrap? All the numbers that have come in so far say things haven't been as bad as expected. And oil's $59 a barrel. What if this was all a hoax to scare off guys like Campo?
  6. Given their origins, Houston First is supposed to bring new businesses, new residents, new conventions and other new things to Houston by whatever means necessary. Including beatdowns of the Perots.
  7. Probably Citgo paid them. That Fenway Park sign is as iconic as the old Cains Mayonnaise sign next to the MIT campus.
  8. So they are repurposing the building next door and adding a rooftop terrace? How many units are they planning in there?
  9. I think Camden's presence on the NYSE was reason enough to pitchfork Campo into that position.
  10. Please don't let it get hit by a forklift... Please let the Astros win a few more in a row.
  11. I'm actually in Fort Worth. But I have plans to retire in a few years, and that could bring me back here.
  12. I haven't seen a shot yet of that corner that wasn't a winner.
  13. $140,000 for a condo in Midtown is pretty reasonable. Especially if interest rates remain low.
  14. I would think that's dependent on the negotiations, so I'd expect the date to be fluid.
  15. Well, to give you an idea, nothing's changed about this image: And let's break out the brooms...
  16. You know, if the Astros remain in first place, those apartments are going to be in high demand.
  17. Southwestern Energy is a tower (or two) and it's only 12 stories.
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