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  1. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2015/04/skyhouse-houston-offers-rebate-to-lure-tenants/#21137101=0


    Not sure if this means much, but the existing SkyHouse is offering incentives to try to get more residents. Sounds like this is common these days, so hopefully it's not a sign that they are struggling to attract tenants. Apparently they are at 40% occupancy right now.


    The incentives are back. They had ended in 2012 when the market got really tight. Hard to tell if the 5% vacancy rate has become 10%.

  2. With the Inner Loop supermarkets being consistently packed even into the wee hours of night, it's likely that there IS room for another supermarket, but land is an issue and would H-E-B allow them to build there? (Answer: No)


    There is a "food desert" running north-south through the center of Houston. Ripe for an Aldi or a Winco (or two or three). Even Trader Joe should find a niche.

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