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  1. I'm actually in Fort Worth. But I have plans to retire in a few years, and that could bring me back here.
  2. I haven't seen a shot yet of that corner that wasn't a winner.
  3. $140,000 for a condo in Midtown is pretty reasonable. Especially if interest rates remain low.
  4. I would think that's dependent on the negotiations, so I'd expect the date to be fluid.
  5. Well, to give you an idea, nothing's changed about this image: And let's break out the brooms...
  6. You know, if the Astros remain in first place, those apartments are going to be in high demand.
  7. Southwestern Energy is a tower (or two) and it's only 12 stories.
  8. WTI is $57 a barrel and Brent just topped $65. It could be far worse. People are still buying homes; it's only the lenders who have gotten cold feet.
  9. So is Mongolian barbecue, which is also all-you-can-eat. That sort of grayish green seems to be in vogue; I have absolutely no idea why.
  10. All's quiet on the Western Front.
  11. I could have sworn the only difference between this picture and April 7 is the crane is pointing in the other direction.
  12. Possibly. Then again, the plan is to deck over the trench, so they could build on the air rights. As it is, that freeway proposal is the most ridiculous idea I've ever seen - 28 lanes of guaranteed congestion, right in the heart of Houston.
  13. As I recall, the Omni in Dallas looks down on the Convention Center roof. Or is it the surface lots?
  14. UH is exactly where TJ needs to be, if no space along Fulton or North Main can be found.
  15. The incentives are back. They had ended in 2012 when the market got really tight. Hard to tell if the 5% vacancy rate has become 10%.
  16. As opposed to a leisurely stroll to the bottom with Block 334.
  17. I guess their "everything in Houston is on hold" meme just went away. Of course, it may help that WTI is at $56 a barrel.
  18. But it's been there forever. Besides, the tennis players love it.
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