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  1. As opposed to a leisurely stroll to the bottom with Block 334.
  2. I guess their "everything in Houston is on hold" meme just went away. Of course, it may help that WTI is at $56 a barrel.
  3. But it's been there forever. Besides, the tennis players love it.
  4. They wouldn't grow fast enough. You'd be planting them just to tear them out. But sunflowers might work...
  5. There is a "food desert" running north-south through the center of Houston. Ripe for an Aldi or a Winco (or two or three). Even Trader Joe should find a niche.
  6. Dallas is seeing some proposals that won't start till next year, so Oct. 2015 isn't all that far off. WTI's at $56 a barrel, too.
  7. That's a great location. Come home after a long day at the office downtown, and pop across the street for a basketball game or a Lady Gaga concert.
  8. Closer...closer... I'm only going to point out once that the BHP Billiton tower went up in 12 months, while this thing has been potzering around for longer...
  9. It would be cool if it were a midrise with a Central Market on the ground floor. Now THAT's mixed use!
  10. Is it still beautiful? Hope you're avoiding those golf ball hailstones!
  11. My sense is that some of the HEBs in Houston are built to Central Market requirements. As it is, the definition is kind of flexible; the CM in Fort Worth is not like the CM in Grapevine at all.
  12. Covered it in asphalt so no one could find it.
  13. Meanwhile at Block 334... "One coffee bean...two coffee beans..."
  14. I guess those extra special windows at the Skyhouse would not appeal to you. Then again...Welcome to the Skyhouse!
  15. Fittingly, that was the name of an old porn website from back in 1999....
  16. Maybe I should send a note to Steve and Doug...
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