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  1. This is the SECOND time I have seen this statement in one of their presentations. Someone needs to call them out on this.



    Someone needs to tell Dallas that Houston's got 82 companies that did a billion dollars in business last year. And we didn't have to poach them from anywhere else.  

  2. Honestly I hope what that post is, dies!

    The cynic in me says we're looking at four apartment wraps and a few bike paths. The real estate is definitely valuable - close to Downtown, access to the light rail. In DC, it would already have been developed. Those derelict car dealerships along the North Freeway are getting redeveloped, so I can't imagine this site's being ignored.

  3. Something tells me the upsizing/downsizing is developers testing the waters and adjusting accordingly. That said, the continued lament of developers that there just aren't enough available lots in the city would tend to favor denser development. Of course, their creative ability to cram 6 rowhouses into a lot that used to hold one old house is unparalleled.

  4. My understanding is that 4 stories + parking podium is a financial sweet spot. Once you go any taller than that costs rise dramatically.

    Either that or four stories surrounding a parking core. These are showing up all over Texas (and other places).

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