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  1. At the same time, this one isn't going away. BisNow included a mention of it in today's edition. Along with a 6-story residential also being developed by Trammell Crow but not shown on the development map.
  2. Colliers claims 90% of the A and B product downtown is leased, based on this morning's BisNow (I know - two different people, two different days, two different opinions). And rents are going way up.
  3. Except there is a Broadway and it goes straight to Hobby Airport. (And one day, it might even be nice to look at ).
  4. That reliable source is now BisNow. But demolition comes first.
  5. They're going to need groceries. The whole swath from MacGregor all the way up to Northside and beyond is regarded as a "food desert", so it could definitely support something along the lines of WinCo, Aldi or Market Basket. Trader Joe's could also make a go of it down there. DC has done a lot with apartment blocks atop grocery stores, so it can work in any urban setting.
  6. Warriors of the World, by Marx! It will definitely be massive. I'm not sure I can wait the year for this to start.
  7. So the design was so underwhelming they refused to disclose it? I sense another five-level stone-faced apartment block wrapped around a garage.
  8. That may wait till it opens. Any word on the Apache HQ? Or did Carl Icahn's meddling succeed in killing it?
  9. So far, that honor seems to belong to another team at the other end of I-45.
  10. I'm surprised that a 6-story building is being built without a tower crane. Of course it's all wood framing.
  11. Figures they'd put it behind a paywall. It's going to be a nice building, but it will completely obscure West Ave.
  12. Until the permit shows up in HBJ, it's not really underway. Given reports of labor shortages and escalating materials costs, I would not be surprised if the project has had trouble starting. I just hope whoever bid the project built in the extra costs.
  13. Actually, Hanover sold that property to AMLI, so the name is once again available. Sarnoff's column has a nice big white space. What do you suppose was supposed to go in there?
  14. I would guess Montgomery County can support a A or possibly a AA baseball team. The reference to the hockey team intrigues me, though, as Houston lost its only minor league team after the Rockets kicked them out of Toyota Center (Hockey? Shoot, there's money to be made selling tickets to Miley Cyrus and Disney on Ice!).
  15. It's supposed to be 757'. Hard to tell from the renders, though...
  16. Acute labor shortages. It's already a given that you have to clean up their addictions, but that would be true whether you put them on a rig or left them on the street. Getting them a steady income and a skill makes it worth their while to go straight. And maybe they'll become reliable tenants, which is what anyone who owns apartments wants.
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