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  1. Well, they did the demolition, but the getting it built part is the tricky bit.
  2. Frankly, if we get a dozen Skyhouses all in a row, this town's going to start to look like on of those Chinese cities that just started building blocks of apartments one right after another.
  3. I always like hearing that my ASCE colleagues are keeping on top of things. When the T&DI Congress comes to town in two years, I'm hoping for a big turnout.
  4. I can't imagine that Comcast is going to give up entirely on CSN, though that may be why the local sports teams are bitching.
  5. It is - about a dozen projects. All in the 10-20 story range. There are supposed to be more, but they are getting a lot of low-rise wraps west of downtown and in suburban locations. The big news was the State Farm project, which is four buildings of various heights in Richardson. Toyota is also supposed to build a campus but I'm guessing it won't be like the Energy Corridor projects. Some of the downtown skyscrapers have gone from office to residential, but still plenty of vacancies. I expect more conversions. Both cities have definitely grown.
  6. Apache's still being mum on their HQ; of course Carl Icahn is still nagging them to "give value to the shareholders".
  7. Well, that explains the demolition of the Josephine Apartments. Or is that another demolition that's supposed to make room for new high-rises?
  8. I think the real game-changer is those concrete pumps. You can bring concrete to the upper levels in one continuous placement rather than bringing it up a bucket at a time. So much faster.
  9. The irony of this is the first townhouse development I lived in when I was in DC was called Caroline Oaks. Can the Hunt at Orange be too far off?
  10. I don't think we can say for sure without a reading on the absorption numbers over the next few quarters. Currently, there appears to be a shortage that the next couple of buildings in the pipeline will fill. Since I think the absorption patterns will continue, I would say this one's probably going to be postponed a year or two rather than cancelled outright. But no 100-plus tower is coming. Not unless it's mixed use.
  11. We might see them yet. I notice that the Euro-design that started with BP computing center has now extended to other buildings in Houston. They look like tacos.
  12. I seem to have recalled the permit for the place hit the HBJ. I think it is a wrap.
  13. I see; they're going to erect the tallest wooden structure in the world. Just to watch it burn.
  14. I think those kinds of amenities are de rigeur for any new office building these days. Or any new highrise condo, for that matter.
  15. Swamplot has dropped this interesting little tidbit: http://swamplot.com/has-everyone-cleared-out-of-the-winhall-condos-too/2014-09-10/
  16. I sure hope this is not demonstrative of the talent available in the labor pool. It's bad enough that I once went up in a tower under construction with a worker who was just arriving at the jobsite fresh from a DUI hearing.
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