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  1. Those people look too old and too neat to be students.
  2. I'm hearing rents for a lot of the new buildings are $1.50-2.00 a square foot. The cheaper properties are all outside the Loop.
  3. It seems it would also be too expensive to be running out of developable lots. But that seems to be the chief lament of the developers from Downtown to Conroe. Not only that, but land and materials are getting expensive, and labor is in short supply.
  4. It's becoming more and more of a problem, as highlighted by recent articles in various publications stating that Houston is getting more expensive and less affordable overall. That's quite a reversal from ten years ago, when Houston's attraction was its affordability. And it's going to spread. The wards that used to have some of the cheapest real estate in town are now starting to attract a lot of gentrification (just ask the folks on the Northside, where Pegstar plans to put its new concert venue). The reaction of the middle and lower income population has been to move farther and farther o
  5. Nancy Sarnoff at the Chron asked a similar question and came up with: AmREIT Camden Property Trust Weingarten LGI Homes Whitestone REIT http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/08/stock-snapshot-houstons-publicly-traded-real-estate-companies/
  6. I had heard there were 28,000 units under construction at the moment - including some in buildings like 2929 Weslayan that have been underway for almost two years. And the pace of construction of 4-, 5- and 6-story midrises appears to be accelerating, if anything. But if one of those 30-story highrises has 300 units, it would take 60 of them to provide 18,000 units in a year. Imagine 300 new apartment towers in Houston by 2020. Now imagine it's not enough to meet demand.
  7. Oh, it could be worse; they could be texting and driving.
  8. Nice shot of Downtown. That's a view all the future tenants will get.
  9. Actually, I would have loved a train system that was entirely free. Fort Worth's Molly Trolley is an entirely free bus system that anyone can get on and off of at any station. It encourages more ridership and more visits downtown. I can understand a modicum of a need to recover costs, but that can be done so many ways other than extracting fares from passengers.
  10. There goes the neighborhood. It takes a lot of apartments to make up for 21,000 being absorbed in a year.
  11. Apparently something like that happened downtown. I'm not sure if soil sampling caused it.
  12. If not that, then the occupancy rates north of 90% should be a good lure. Houston is going to need new 21,000 apartments a year for the next 5 to 10 years. Some of them are going to have to go downtown.
  13. Some of the early photos of the construction of Kingdom Tower in Jeddah seem to indicate a rather shallow foundation with no piles. Not sure whether piles are being eschewed for other reasons or whether soil in Jeddah is more stable than Dubai. But the gumbo underlying Houston is certainly a design challenge.
  14. I think they find the redo of the existing buildings is a bit underwhelming. The hotel will definitely be eye-popping.
  15. It sure looks like they filled in the hole. Progress?
  16. Six floors on two levels of parking? That's my guess...
  17. Never say never. Exxon picked up and left New York in 1989 without dropping many hints. Everyone involved (including the poor saps at Friendswood Development Corp.) was told not to let the cat out of the bag.
  18. So Upper Kirby for this? What with the Hanover and the existing buildings, that's going to be an interesting cluster of high-rises. And anything residential will do well.
  19. Working backwards, I'm guessing this one's still on target to begin construction early in 2015. Three months either side of that timeline aren't going to make a difference.
  20. It's pretty standard luxury apartment styling. Tan brick on the exterior, hardwood floors inside, high-insulating window glass, garage on the lower floors. It's been done to death.
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