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  1. Those could be turbines for moving water and these are drainage improvements.
  2. There's a hotel being finished out on the east side where Hardy and I-45 come together. I wonder if this is just south of there.
  3. Well, look at the traffic on that road. That's not south-side-of-Buffalo-Texas traffic.
  4. They still have to be 700 sf or less to fit the limit.
  5. Never going to happen in this town ever again. But you can always check out the Section 8s on Fondren. Or the offerings around Lake Worth in Fort Worth.
  6. BisNow says the Alessandra is still scheduled to open in late 2016. One of the hold-ups is the same thing that is affecting all Houston projects - it's taken longer to get started because of higher costs and labor shortages. That may only get worse.
  7. Good soundproofing should make this a non-factor. Fort Worth has at least two residential wraps right up against a busy railroad track. There's not much disturbance inside, even when the windows are open.
  8. The sure did this entirely piecemeal. Just for grins, what do you think would happen if the city only permitted Floors 2,3,5,7,10,12,16 and 19?
  9. I suppose if this were Dallas, they could rename it Mary Kay Place. (and let's see who gets it)
  10. So was he looking like a fool with his pants on the ground?
  11. Don't expect things to move very fast in this town. Backlog in the permitting office and shortages of labor and materials. Even boom towns have their limits.
  12. If Pease gets some restaurants and a couple of night spots, it just might.
  13. No. What I remember of the permit suggested this one's no more than a mid-rise.
  14. Well, they did the demolition, but the getting it built part is the tricky bit.
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