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  1. And you won't be able to see the forest for the trees? I also remember the ZaZa was supposed to be the big attraction. At this point, I think the Alessandra downtown will get built first.
  2. So does that mean that his plan for 10-story anatomically correct statues of Greek gods and goddesses around the base would be a bit off-putting?
  3. Yes - in addition to this one, there is Amegy Bank's building on the old Micro Center site. (To say nothing of Skyhouse, the Davis condo and all the projects on the other side of the freeway).
  4. You guys are a bit rich for my blood. High end in downtown Fort Worth can be had for $1800 a month.
  5. Remember that City Hall's a little backed up on the permitting process and there are labor shortages affecting construction. So a delay might be expected.
  6. The brochure just outlines the parcel, but the Kirby Collection is not a bad guess. Otherwise, it's going to be six floors of apartments on two floors of parking (isn't everything these days?).
  7. They will deny all and demand strict proof. Like the Emirates and Qatar (which takes from the Israelis and gives to Islamic State. And buys real estate in Houston), they've learned how to play both sides of the fence.
  8. Actually, given their name, I thought they were undertakers. But I like this building.
  9. Is it my imagination or has this list lost a couple of projects? There used to be 40. Any word on the MIA's?
  10. Even with the design change, it still seems to be evocative of the architecture of the region. Just not very tall. They also appear to have remove the residential wing (if that's what it was).
  11. Okay, suburban shopping centers WITHOUT a sea of parking. All I know is the developments around the DART stations all seem to be apartments on retail with a parking structure nearby, and they seem to be doing well.
  12. At least Houston has three basic industries to support it. Dallas has always been a bit more boom/bust and can't claim dominance in any one industry.
  13. Apparently other residents hate the name Tampico Heights; Houstonia magazine caught all kinds of grief when they used that name to describe it.
  14. Let's see - 560 units on two blocks. That's 280 apiece. Unless these are small units, we're talking about something with as many residence as the Skyhouses. So maybe it really is 20 floors?
  15. Word in the HBJ is 6,800 new homes got sold in Houston in Q2 (about 13% higher than last year, and much higher than the 5,200 sold in Dallas-Fort Worth). The demand for new residences isn't quitting anytime soon.
  16. If they're starting in March 2015, they'll have only 21 months to get the project done before Super Bowl weekend. That's cutting it close. I also have the nagging suspicion they will ditch a few of the more high-end architectural frills to keep the cost within budget.
  17. Northside, er, Tampico Heights, was already in the crosshairs. This just happens to be a nice big expanse of cleared flat-as-a-pancake.
  18. Some of the information in the brochure looked a bit dated, and there were odd errors throughout (Giorgio Barlenghi?). I'm curious that HFF had to push that hard to get a partner for a development with a Wal-Mart and a Marriott onsite. But some of the proposals intrigued me. The two separate office towers proposed on Post Oak Boulevard, none of which are in the database? Awfully quiet promotion for two buildings, each exceeding 300,000 sf in space. I also see the Apache Tower is advertised as 900,000 sf of development; that's bigger than the Capitol Tower downtown, and that's 35 stories. The
  19. I saw that structure on the north side of the Katy Freeway and couldn't figure out what is was. So they're building two of these locally?
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