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  1. That on one block and the HRO on another...should be interesting.
  2. They all need to be like that. I thought mixed use might be residential plus a hotel. Something with a little height. But this isn't bad. It matches Washington Ave.
  3. Oh, sod off. (Hmm, I guess that's what the latest photos show. )
  4. It won't be possible to tell without a close-up. Just the fact that the cranes are moving means something's going on. Either they've got a spot of bad concrete and have to redo some work, or some of their materials are late in arriving.
  5. I don't know why it needs another name besides "Spring". As for EaDo, I always thought of it as Eastbound and Down(town). And maybe the Church block can be Downtown Abbey. Give me Tampico Heights any day...
  6. The Queensbury Theatre is about half done at this point. It's Dueling Community Theaters!
  7. That was the result of efforts by Dallas City fathers to pursue the industry. It has been a perpetual effort for them to chase corporate headquarters and signature projects; they don't have an industry that calves new companies the way the oil industry in Houston does. Even the airport had to be created.
  8. They're doing well but not well enough for certain shareholders; it makes building a multimillion dollar headquarters a little tough...
  9. I have no idea when that supply is supposed to catch up with demand. There are shortages of everything in this town - concrete, labor, lots, people to approve the permits - and home sales are still claiming 7,000 units a quarter. As long as job creation is over 100,000 a year, there will be no shortage of need. As for Chevron, if their revenues start hurting that will only delay the tower. But absent a national recession prices won't stay down for too long.
  10. And it also doesn't help that there's cost inflation here like nowhere else in the country.
  11. Yeah, the eyes say "go", but the wallet says "no". You just can't trust those developers.
  12. Well, the HBJ is breathlessly announcing an "Exclusive!" on this one that we've known about for months. They're still saying Q1 start next year, opening 2016. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2014/10/exclusive-new-spec-office-building-slated-for.html
  13. Well, the second Hotel ZaZa appears to be on a slow track, but we still have the first. It's Houston vs San Francisco, baby; let no one doubt our mojo.
  14. Houston appears to be affected by two different market forces. First, the market has suffered at least a couple of noticeable busts in the early '80s and again in 2001, and all the developers swear they're never going to make that mistake again. Second, Houston has seen an awful lot of little-to-midsize projects - 100 to 300 rooms per hotel and plenty of offerings in the $100-200 a night category. The Marriott Marquis had to be solicited. The downtown residences had to be incentivized. New York and Chicago (and to some extent San Francisco and Miami) have no choice but to build upward; they do
  15. There's a big splashy ad in today's HBJ for this property. Now 17 stories and 430,000 sf. The incredible shrinking office building.
  16. CBRE can't keep up with it all, either. They just split their development map into one more district, which they have nicknamed "Energy Corridor 2" (that just means it takes in the Exxon Mobil project and part of the north Grand Parkway).
  17. That's an impressive set of maps; it would be interesting to match up the reality with the vision. Any other theaters besides Ensemble and MATCH?
  18. With all that happening on the avenue, developers should be making ground level space for retail all along Rusk. It would change the character of the street.
  19. It would be a record-breaker for a property sale in this town. Everything else to date has set a record.
  20. If they're trying for some LEED points, it may be a cistern.
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