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  1. It's a four story chateau-like thing with a funny paper hat on top... Ah, well, the most revealing news is that the Arabella is expected to launch in July. With or without the accent.
  2. Damn. It's like Phyllis Diller with her makeup off...
  3. The Texas LMCI Showed a bounceback in job creation for May. Net result - payrolls jobs are at a record high of 2.85 million.
  4. If anybody was wondering, the building permit for this just hit today's HBJ. About $20 million - office building and retail superstructure (according to the listing).
  5. After hearing that the largest apartment complexes in the city are just north of Hobby Airport and have 1-2,000 units each, size doesn't matter anymore. So much more could have been done with this besides a 4-story wrap.
  6. I was on travel in Miami last week. The ultimate land of hot and humid...except that the thunderstorms form in the early afternoon and dissipate most of the heat. The same effect happens in Houston as long as the winds come off the Gulf.
  7. Jahn built versions of it in Chicago and Philadelphia. If it were built now, it would look positively derivative.
  8. It's not really an office "park" (and neither is Tyson's). It's multiple properties owned by separate developers.
  9. And if it makes anyone feel better, Dallas went to a lot of effort to get the University of Texas at Dallas created as a high technology center, but it does not appear to have created the "silicon prairie" that everyone up there thought would come of it. UT Arlington is still the better of the two UT institutions up there. There was talk once of absorbing UH into the University of Texas system, but that got discouraged. Now UH has satellite campus.
  10. Rice ranks as a Top 20 school nationally, which puts it ahead of most of those schools. Exceptions would be Columbia, Harvard and Stanford (possibly Penn and Northwestern). What they lack in the way of theater or film, they make up for with their music department. And the Baker School is getting a lot of national press for global policy issues. I suppose you could make the school larger, but more students won't add to its prestige. If there is any criticism of the school, it's that they have not created many commercial ventures off "bucky-balls". But then, UH created superconductors and didn't
  11. Some of those don't look like storefronts, so it's hard to tell.
  12. Until it is joined by all the other 5-story apartment blocks being planned for that neighborhood.
  13. I just love the marriage of those European-style townhouses with that cellphone tower. Classy.
  14. Since they also showed H & M in the renderings, can we assume they are a serious tenant?
  15. A lot of people in New York. Actually, both the New York and Miami residential building booms are being financed with foreign money. There seem to be a lot of people with lots of money in other parts of the world who would like a place in the US, and they seem to want a residence in New York or Miami. Houston could serve the same function for a lot of Mexican nationals (and in fact it seems to be attracting a lot of residential sales to Mexicans).
  16. I'm not sure the relocations are going to generate the demand for the new building. Apache's been under pressure from activist shareholders to "maximize shareholder value". Which is often code for sell or break up the company. It certainly does not favor new office construction - especially when oil is still only $59 a barrel. We'll see if these plans get revisited when oil hits $75 a barrel again.
  17. They've been backlogged for a while, which is why they've got contract people in the office trying to work on the backlog.
  18. UNcurled? My hair always frizzes up.
  19. Yes, but can we get an out-of-town firm to put, say, 500 employees in a block of space in the building?
  20. The music stage at Panther Island in Fort Worth actually faces the river. For the benefit of the tubers.
  21. $16 million is a pretty minor commitment. We'll have to see if they get to that second patient tower.
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