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  1. I suspect this concept is dead, the land is changing hands and the new developer is behind the office building and the other highrises.
  2. And in a nod to true HSPVA tradition, there's a trombone player rehearsing in there...
  3. Yay! They twerked the design. (At least on that side). I can see Mr. Trongone in the orchestra room shouting, "Hahns! What am I heah for??"
  4. At the moment, 59 is not as jam-packed with development as 45, 290 and 10 are. So there's room to grow. But at this pace of development, they may soon have to stretch the Woodlands district all the way to the statue of Sam Houston.
  5. 10,000 and 8,000 sf? Those are shacks. What's going in them?
  6. No one will touch that property unless they think they can get a higher and better use out of it.
  7. The Hamilton was the subject of an urban blogger's post, picked up by Swamplot. He makes some valid points; neartown Houston, pricewise, is not family friendly. It isn't really affordable for many folks. Affordable housing needs to be incentivized. http://www.cdandrews.com/2014/10/downtown-houston-families-and.html
  8. There seem to be quite a few lots being stripped and graded; signs of more to come?
  9. Only 46 floors, though. It sounds like this building will not be as tall as some were hoping.
  10. I think this is a non-news event, since I don't know if this bid advertisement is new or old. Normally, they would not post a request unless there were some movement expected (after all, why advertise something if you're still just contemplating your navel?). Let's watch oil prices - which are in the low $80s at the moment.
  11. Plenty of lots being cleared off. The developers seem to like digging holes. And to be fair, it's only been one frigging week. Don't rush them.
  12. So what should be incubated? No one seems to have done much with the superconductors and Buckyballs (which WERE invented in Houston), and I'm not sure what else there is in the way of tech that isn't duplicated in other towns. Maybe it's just better to bring in more museums/art galleries/restaurants/theaters/residential blocks. And a grocery; it's a food desert down there.
  13. As much as I think it has potential, I'm familiar with downtown Fort Worth, and despite the grand plans for the banks of the Trinity, Panther Island is still an open-air concert venue. The offices/retail/residential has yet to materialize. And no one's thinking in terms of turning the power plant adjacent to North Main into a concert venue. At least not yet.
  14. Well. nice try. Maybe they can try their magic on that old Days Inn (our own little slice of downtown Detroit).
  15. This one's going up in Kingwood. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/10/grand-parkway-expansion-spurs-another-development/ Grand Parkway expansion spurs another development
  16. It looks like there are two lots that didn't go to the complex. China used to be notorious for projects built around a recalcitrant landowner. I'm amazed at the number of crackerboxes. The redevelopment forces are strong with that neighborhood .
  17. Per HBJ: 118 acres in between Camp Strake and the new Hughes property near Conroe. First project is a 350-unit multifamily developed by Buckhead Investment Partners, but there could also be 3 hotels, office and retail. HBJ encrypts their photos, so the best that can be done is a link to the site plan. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2014/10/exclusive-huge-mixed-use-project-slated-for-prime.html http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2014/10/exclusive-huge-mixed-use-project-slated-for-prime.html?s=image_gallery And the city marches northward.
  18. It's not been publicized anywhere. I'm surprised no one at Swamplot got a look at the rendering.
  19. Anything that's a wrap with hardwood floors is considered "luxury". If it still has carpet on the floors, it's already a B.
  20. Apparently, we REALLY jumped the gun on this one, as Swamplot is reporting only that there is a highrise being discussed on Reddit. http://swamplot.com/midtowns-van-loc-will-lock-up-for-good-this-friday/2014-10-14/
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