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  1. I wish it was going to remain that same hue of coral when finished, but we all know it's going to be white (sigh)
  2. I can't imagine the market's going to go south before the New Year. After a 119,000 job increase YOY in September, I suspect it's going to take some effort to stop this train.
  3. Well, at 20 stories, it won't be even the tallest building on that side of the loop - unless it's like the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah and has a 100-meter spire on the top and a helipad/observation deck on the 20th floor. Then again, maybe they'll build a giant cut-out into the 15th level and stick a few palm trees into the space. That would certainly be unusual for this town.
  4. Hmm, 15-9 = 6 sold. They've got 40% presales. But I do like the marketing bullsh... "Only 9 left!"
  5. Is that the one that caught fire three years ago?
  6. Well, there is that whole Iraq War thing...
  7. As it is, there will be four highrises planned or constructed on a block where there were none a year ago. That's certainly a lot of infill, and it may be only part of it.
  8. They also claim they will start without presales (and even that their lender will agree to it). Either their lender has a lot of confidence, or the builder is pulling our leg.
  9. They're still showing the old render for the Saudi Consulate.
  10. I think we drove Volkswagen Beetles back in 1974.
  11. So we have a disagreement, unless Crosspoint and Senterra are developing the property together. This is the same block that was envisioned for a 16-story residential. In any event, Van Loc just closed for good.
  12. The building permit for Elan Memorial Park East showed up in the permits section of the HBJ. I do not know if it's Phase I or Phase II. It's at 920 Westcott Street, if that's any hint.
  13. HBJ just listed a building permit for Alta Heights Koehler, which appears to be a new addition to the list. Location is 4040 Koehler Street. I haven't been able to find a rendering.
  14. That might be the Randall Davis building. Or even the Skyhouse. I can't tell from the placement.
  15. I'm getting a Gerald Hines vibe from it. Okay, but not spectacular.
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