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  1. This one is now described in at least real estate summary as a 40-story building atop a 12-level parking podium. Any clarification?
  2. Incidentally, that downtown inventory mentioned Block 98 - 40 floors of residences on a 12-level parking structure. Is that a misprint?
  3. The last time I looked, Houston had 36 highrises over 10 floors under construction. Calgary is pretty close to that number, but I think Houston's ahead. Toronto is just off the charts, and some of the highrises under construction are fairly tall. I'm not sure what's encouraging that growth.
  4. Maybe this weekend. Allowing the crane to go up in early November.
  5. Costco Downtown! There is a precedent for this kind of redevelopment in DC, and their lot charged for parking.
  6. A company that might be worth following is WinCo., which is aiming for the Aldi segment of the market and is employee-owned. They're already in the Metroplex. Just the sort of business that would be attracted to a food desert.
  7. So they want to claim part of the setbacks. How often is that permitted to happen?
  8. ConocoPhillips claimed a similar size piece of Energy Towers III, IV and V. In addition ExxonMobil picked up a large block of space in Hughes Landing in the Woodlands.
  9. Is it 4 levels below grade or 4 levels of parking below the apartments themselves? I can't imagine a good reason why a developer would want to dig four levels into the gumbo for a parking garage when it's cheaper to build up rather than build down.
  10. I've forgotten, but it's not a small piece. So are the corporate campuses the other oil companies are building.
  11. That photo tells so many development stories, only one of which is that the Alexan Yale project is starting. So many recently minted or under construction rowhouses and so much infill. And they all look like Monopoly Houses. How the Heights is changing.
  12. That 3500 figure is changing. Just a cruise over the Inner Loop using Google Maps shows a lot of rowhouse development replacing either ranchers or vacant lots especially in the Wards, the Heights and in the direction of Upper Kirby. They are packing residences in smaller spaces in a way that didn't happen 20 years ago.
  13. Today's BisNow mentions a residential tower as part of the Galleria expansion. I'm not sure whose that will be, but they seemed pretty definite it will be built.
  14. Personally, I would like to see something that looks like the Woodlands Gate development. I doubt that one will ever be built, but it looks nothing like any other development in this city - or elsewhere in the country. It would add some spice to Downtown.
  15. Then we have to start wondering if they have the muscle to build up instead of out. It's rare for anybody who builds 2-3 stories to make the leap to something taller.
  16. Traffic and parking would be horrendous. They'd have to build about ten levels of parking to support something that tall.
  17. I recall seeing a practice yard on the way into town on 45. The only other one I know of is off I-95 in New Jersey and is run by the Operating Engineers.
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