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  1. Out of place...except for its proximity to New Chinatown.
  2. Love it. Having many theaters opening, going up or in the planning stage is a positive sign.
  3. Did someone say Captain Planet? http://mixtaperiot.com/
  4. Now THIS is the grocery that needs to become a first floor tenant. http://valhallamovement.com/link/this-zero-waste-grocery-store-has-no-packaging-plastic-or-big-name-brands/
  5. Looks like a brownfield, complete with toxic whatever oozing up between the grass blades.
  6. If that were true, the ones in Midland and Brownsville would be under development already. The permit has happened, which is a small step, but there has to be a market for space travel before this one gets started.
  7. Not too far north. I hear the Omni near the bayou had water damage in the last flood.
  8. Announcement by Company on Stage, a longtime theater company local to Westbury Square, about its future suggests Westbury Square may finally have been sold and is about to be repurposed: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/News-about-Westbury-Square.html?soid=1101752725694&aid=KR5AexBNLrM "...To the Patrons, Volunteers and Friends of The Company OnStage, We learned last week that our time at Westbury Square will, in all likelihood, be coming to an end at the close of summer, as there is a contract pending on the property..."
  9. Looking at the list, Houston not getting a huge bump in inventory, so there's definitely room for something high end in the GHP building/garage.
  10. They can probably afford to wait. As for GE, Abbott seems to think he can lure them. Based almost entirely on an anticipated change in their tax situation.
  11. Has Skanska pitched this building to General Electric?
  12. Ten mil would be pocket change considering what some of the penthouses in Manhattan are going for. I'm still trying to figure out who is buying them.
  13. DC has an annual Fringe theater festival - 80 different productions in a dozen small theater venues over three weeks. When MATCH is done, someone in Houston should organize a similar venture in Houston.
  14. With Governor Abbott chatting up General Electric, maybe they should groom this site for them? They do have a major piece of the oil and gas division here.
  15. I remember sitting at June 2013 and hearing about projects that were going to start in 2014. As far off as that seemed, we are now in the midst of a major round of construction. 2016 will be here sooner than we think.
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