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  1. On the positive side, the rains should help green things up a little.
  2. From the air, there still appear to be plenty of tall buildings. It would be the envy of most downtowns.
  3. I think it would be quite an accomplishment to max out all the blocks inside the freeways. But that would lead to questions about which direction to expand next. As it is, Midtown may be all filled up with six-story wraps.
  4. Not legally. 500 feet is the limit. The shot was taken from a Cessna.
  5. Our man has an airplane and he's not afraid to use it.
  6. First international flight came into Hobby from Aruba over the weekend. There are rumors another airline is being courted to move in with Southwest to the new terminal.
  7. The rains the last couple of days probably cut down on the brown appearance of the foliage a little.
  8. If we did that, we might have to leave off things like Camden's project. That one's been on-again, off-again for a while...
  9. It's entirely decorative, but that's usually where the entrance is.
  10. I would expect it soon. You don't expect two Popeye's competing for the same customers.
  11. Scratch this one off the list. The six-story apartment block is no longer in the plans... http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/memorial/news/article/Apartments-no-longer-part-of-Memorial-Green-6119776.php
  12. Final numbers on 2014 showed Houston with 2.994 million jobs in December - an upward revision of about 50,000 that was not nearly as spectacular as the upward revision for Dallas. Houston ended up gaining 107,000 jobs on the year. January showed a drop to 2.946 million, but that's probably seasonal.
  13. Somebody in the Chronicle claimed to be shocked, SHOCKED that the lease terms were $25 million a year. I was shocked that it was less than the $35 million quoted initially. Cheapest solution I can imagine, and it doesn't add to the vacancy rate.
  14. Yet another five-story wrap in the Energy Corridor by Trammell Crow. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2015/03/dallas-developer-paves-way-for-new-luxury.html
  15. Especially since $900 million spread out over 30 years amortizes for a lot less than $1 billion invested up front. The only question would be how much lease space the city really needs for its judicial and police functions, as 800K is a lot of space to fill.
  16. It's shorter than I was hoping. Massing the units in two buildings means it won't be as tall as predicted initially.
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