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  1. Latest census numbers are in; as of July 1, 2014, Greater Houston had 6.5 million people. Even with the oil shock, the city could be at 7 million by 2020.
  2. The only thing that would be more of an educational buzzkill would be another state-mandated standardized test...
  3. Oops, it's raining; that's going to add at least three months to the construction timeline...
  4. They were wrapping things up when they first designed it.
  5. Are any of them things other Houstonians give a fig about? Frivolous lawsuit. Where are the Americans for Tort Reform?
  6. 6,000 sf is way too much house to deal with. Even 3,000 sf is too big. But 2,000 sf is good for a large family, and 1,500 will fit a small family. But unless Skanska is willing to build it and just wait for the tenants to roll in, I don't see this project happening anytime soon...
  7. Houston was actually supposed to get an observation tower near 59 and 610 on the southwest side, but that was back in the early '80s, before the last bust. The last thing I remember being on that corner was the big mound of dirt.
  8. Hey, you could have the same thing in Fort Worth for $1900. Slight discount. http://www.trinitydistrictapts.com/
  9. Scopes that creep always get value-engineered down. Perhaps that's what they're doing during the "pause".
  10. The cost creep on this project is perhaps an example of what all developers were dealing with, as costs more than doubled, making a project that was almost fully funded fall woefully short. When it only cost $40 million, $33 million in funding seemed like "almost there", but with cost growth to $80 million...
  11. It's not the only one going up in town. Six stories of kindling wood framing seems to be easy enough to do....as long as no one runs a forklift into it (see Swamplot for the results).
  12. The FAA may have no power to stop anything, but they do have influence. For one thing, they can make insuring the building difficult by declaring it a hazard to air navigation. For another, they could reroute the approaches to Hobby Airport, which the airlines would hate, leading to complaints to the City that the new tower is Bad For Business. The height restrictions are de facto.
  13. Quit thinking it will be built like Block 334! One coffee bean...two coffee beans...
  14. Davis didn't figure the view under the skirts would be quite so exposed.
  15. Midtown seems to be attracting single family. High end single family. This is where they cram six rowhouses into a block that had one bungalow on it before.
  16. Points for creativity in figuring out how to wrap a wrap...
  17. Theoretically, they can 3D print the components and then snap the pieces together. That's one way they can construct these buildings in record time without having to prefabricate everything.
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