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  1. On 4/18/2019 at 5:07 PM, Twinsanity02 said:

    Population numbers for the Houston MSA in from the Census Bureau.   July 1, 2018  6,997,384. Rounding this is either an increase of 105,000 if you take the previous 2017 numbers of 6,892,000 or 92,000 if you take the revised 2017 numbers of 6,905,695. 


    Nevertheless at a growth rate of over 1700 people per week we are clearly over 7 million.


    I will stop obsessing about this topic now.

    The numbers underwent some major revision, as there was one year (2017) that was previously identified by census as a no-growth year, but it has since been revised upward. Over a million in one decade. Still on track to surpass the Chicago metro in less than 25 years....

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  2. 6 hours ago, kbates2 said:

    Knowing what a POS I am for even bumping this, the news below could be a pretty good sign for this building:




    I actually am pessimistic. One of the early paragraphs in the story is that the merge will result in some job layoffs (as these things usually do). To make this building happen, they would have had to suggest a thousand new hires or something like that.


    Another interesting tidbit is that Chevron doesn't appear to be the only bidder circling. Rumor has it Occidental is interested and actually outbid Chevron.

  3. So the McDonalds that resisted the coming of the Astoria got wiped away, after all?

    On 2/6/2019 at 2:08 PM, jmitch94 said:


    I talked with someone who works for the McNair corporation and he said it is still definitely a go on the project. However he said they will have to modify the design slightly because of the land they had to sell to the city for the widening of Post Oak. Also when the hell is Post Oak going to be finished? I looks like its been 90% done for months now. 

    So it's the Interstate 85 of Uptown?

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  4. Oil is down temporarily, like financial in New York. But otherwise, Houston is doing just fine.


    In March, there will be a nationwide revision of the national employment numbers, and then we'll know for certain. What is interesting is that the Dallas-Fort Worth economy is also slowing a bit (103,000 new jobs YOY versus 125,000 YOY earlier this year. Meanwhile San Francisco/San Jose has created 125,000, Los Angeles is seeing 120,000 new jobs, and New York is showing 160,000 new jobs. They need a lot of construction workers to build those thousand-foot condos in Midtown Manhattan. 

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