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  1. I suppose the antithesis to car culture is Lagos, which is a good example of not going anywhere on the streets at more than a walking pace. All of the cities on the list have transit, but they also have ring roads and arterials, many of which have been force-fit after the city developed. As for 527, I remember when it terminated at Smith/Louisiana before it got extended to Brazos/Bagby. I think that was an attempt to divert traffic off Louisiana and Smith, to mixed results. Houston is also good at building vestigial stems on freeways - the best example I can think of is the extension of 225 west to inside the 610 Loop. I'm not sure it will ever get extended to meet 59 downtown, but that was the intent. And they've surprised us before; I never thought US90 would ever get extended eastward from the I-10/610 interchange.
  2. That's a lot of tall high-rise residential in a just a few short years. I used to think 35 stories was pretty big...
  3. I think the vertical banding tends to get lost at a distance. At least it's not blank masonry.
  4. If it's going to be ten stories tall, there better be a robust set of elevators...
  5. Looks like the cocoon the butterfly came in. Or is it the moth?
  6. I like the burst of color on those end panels. Guess what's the first thing to get value-engineered out?
  7. Tower cranes on the north side of town east of I-45 are not something that's been seen in the past.
  8. Sheesh. So much for grand ambitions. It started at 7, went to 16, then to 31, now back to 7. Will the 31-story job ever get dusted off?
  9. Houston's a funny city, in some ways. I think it has not only a GreenStreet but a Greenhouse Road...😎
  10. "I'm gonna put a bar in the back of my car And drive myself to drink"....
  11. With the East River, the rowhouses and this project, the character of the neighborhood is changing rapidly.
  12. Did they get rid of the photos that are mostly cloud cover?🥺
  13. It looks like they are going to change the exteriors a little, but the footprint, in terms of square footage, will not change.
  14. Large bump in Houston payrolls logged through September 2022... Dallas Fed "... Payroll jobs have grown 5.8 percent this year through September. At that pace, the metro would add 183,600 jobs by year-end to reach 3.4 million. That would represent a full recovery to the number of jobs Houston would have reached had it stayed on its 2000‒19 pace of growth. Year to date, all industries have grown. The one-month change in local payrolls accelerated to 6.6 percent, led by the leisure and hospitality sector and professional and business services. However, monthly jobs data are highly volatile at the local-industry level and subject to substantial revision. Of the four industry subsectors that lost jobs in September, only the large trade, transportation and utilities sector declined for two consecutive months. Houston’s unemployment rate ticked down to 4.4 percent in September amid continued labor force growth. For comparison, the unemployment rate was 4.0 percent in Texas and 3.5 percent nationally..."
  15. Galen College of Nursing, 11210 Equity Drive “...We are honored to bring our 30 years of experience exclusively educating nurses to our fourth location in Texas. Galen is uniquely positioned to help expand the pipeline of well-prepared nurses in the Houston area,” says Mark Vogt, Galen’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are very excited to collaborate with our colleagues at HCA Houston Healthcare to attract the next generation of nurses and help support the delivery of quality care in the community for decades to come.” The modern campus will feature resources designed to elevate the student experience. The facility will also feature advanced patient simulation labs and classroom environments designed to encourage practice-based learning. Galen’s student support model has helped thousands of graduates enter the profession with consistently high NCLEX® pass rates...." Curiously opaque announcement. No idea what the "campus" will look like. It could be in an existing building...
  16. Student housing not associated with a specific college or university? If so, how do they intend to make sure it's exclusively students?
  17. The construction is interesting, in that each floor is completely decked out before they start on the next floor. It's nothing like steel or concrete structures I've seen built previously.
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