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  1. Yep - the current Google imagery is rather dated...
  2. If it were me, I'd tear down everything else and just incorporate that wall with the "Remuv" tag into the next building that goes up on the lot...
  3. So the electronics nameplate is now used to sell groceries? How the mighty have fallen... That's disgusting, people have no respect for their own property.🤣
  4. Yet I cannot argue with the fact that what he offers gets bidders. He knows how to sell crap....
  5. Ah yes - Mexican Institute of Sound... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kzwzx4O44L0
  6. So this is really going to happen, or is the electrical permit just a tease?
  7. Stickbuilt apartments surrounding a much more massive garage structure must be the new style.
  8. You always wanted to be able to read a newspaper by the light of the garage.🤪
  9. The folks in Tel Aviv complain about their architecture all the time. Last time I looked, they had 200 skyscrapers going up and all variations on a theme....
  10. And rounded corners. Someone thinks rounded corners are in this season...
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