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  1. Hey, I think Dean Martin is booked for the ballroom of the Chelsea this weekend!🤑
  2. So they're in the renderings business. Interesting older render of 2120 Post Oak on that site...
  3. Zombie project, like the Langley? And that's just the garage...
  4. It works in the middle of the city, but I'm seeing this kind of development out by Lake Conroe. And it's apparently a nationwide thing.
  5. That's before the egg-cartons started showing up. Amazing how many you can shove into a single-family lot - especially when there's no zoning...
  6. Nothing says cutting edge like wrapping a building in a plain bleah wrapper...🙄
  7. Since Covid, Embassy Suites seems to have taken some of the cheese off the pizza. Among other things, the omelet bar is limited to certain days of the week and the business centers have been removed. And like a lot of other hotel chains, they will only do the rooms if you request it. At least they have breakfast...
  8. The GHP has put out an update on TMC3 and the other projects in the vicinity... https://www.houston.org/news/houston-life-sciences-sector-heats-developers-delivering-needed-space As Houston Life Sciences Sector Heats Up, Developers Delivering On Needed Space
  9. I don't think it would have been as stand-out farther west. No bayou for a backdrop, no downtown buildings as framing and too many other competing buildings... And the public housing doesn't look all that shabby...
  10. I guess it's still in design, so no renders yet...
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