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  1. Damn, I thought the whole idea of a doggy do was pretty respectable.... And Chain of Corrections will be the name of my next band....
  2. That says "infill development opportunity". Of course, it also says "more midrise blocks than you can stand..."
  3. I assume "2018" means it's been on the drawing board for over two years?
  4. "Change your story" seems to be a familiar epitaph for a lot of erstwhile projects....
  5. Actually, it took way too long. Too many of these West Coasters seem to think all the Texas tech savvy resides in Austin or Dallas. They need an education...
  6. AAA was in that office building, until they picked up and moved to Dallas...
  7. And here we are more than five years later, and I'm guessing still waiting, only with a little COVID on top....
  8. Actually, it's had several. And yes they look like that...🤐
  9. Did Donald Trump get to the developer and insist on a Classical look?🥴
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