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  1. "A greener way to power your plate". Got to leave it to the creative minds in the advertising biz to come up with that...😆
  2. 41 years makes it sound so old, but I remember moving back to Texas 41 years ago to accept a job offer. Amazing how time flies...
  3. $100 million. Meanwhile, Prairie View has an engineering building due for completion next May, and Galveston has a couple of projects coming.
  4. That's the way I always do it - complete the building, then assemble the mock-up. Because I always put on my shoes and socks in that order.🤪
  5. I was a member of a private club in Dallas back in the 1980s. Got to witness a rather heated dinner conversation one evening between a husband and wife about who was being unfaithful to whom...
  6. I can't find a thread for this, so here goes... Memorial Hermann - Cypress Campus Three years after its last expansion, Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital will again add more square footage to its campus to keep up with the area’s fast growth, the Houston-based health system has announced.Work is already underway to build out the second floor of the existing hospital’s south tower to add a new nursing unit, including 40 patient beds on 35,000 square feet. That floor had been shell space since the hospital opened in 2017, said Jerry Ashworth, senior vice president and CEO of Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital. Also part of the $71.8 million expansion is the construction of a second, 100,000-square-foot professional office building, a parking garage and additional surface parking as well as a two-story, 50,000-square-foot orthopedic sports medicine facility with a sports field that can host community sports leagues...
  7. Memorial Hermann - Cypress expansion Memorial Hermann No renders, but I was certain this was posted already.
  8. I think the recession talk is overblown. And Houston seems to depend more on what oil prices are doing.
  9. Seems to make sense, since we're just about out of July... That rendering has a floor missing...
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