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  1. Census keeps the previous estimates, so the revisions can be looked at. One day when I feel up to looking at the older estimates, I may see what revisions were made every year.
  2. The numbers underwent some major revision, as there was one year (2017) that was previously identified by census as a no-growth year, but it has since been revised upward. Over a million in one decade. Still on track to surpass the Chicago metro in less than 25 years....
  3. Houston may yet get Baker Hughes back as a locally-based company.
  4. I can't believe all that real estate has any prospective tenants. Unless the GHP is going to make an aggressive push to bring in business from out of town, it's going to be a while. But you might be amused at this interesting diss in the Boston version of Bisnow, regarding our neighbors up north.... "Dallas Office Park by the Sea"
  5. I actually am pessimistic. One of the early paragraphs in the story is that the merge will result in some job layoffs (as these things usually do). To make this building happen, they would have had to suggest a thousand new hires or something like that. Another interesting tidbit is that Chevron doesn't appear to be the only bidder circling. Rumor has it Occidental is interested and actually outbid Chevron.
  6. It actually is. You have to get your car into the building, then up to the fourth floor just to get to that stair that moves for you...
  7. At DFW Airport 35 years ago, it was fewer sacks of concrete than specified in the runways. People eventually went to jail over it...
  8. I remember when that building went up. I haven't seen that steel exposed since 1962...
  9. Looks like they took the offices off the garage, resulting in the current configuration. And it sure went up fast.
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