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  1. Meanwhile, I'm skeptical about the PwC/ULI assessment of market prospects, as Houston is supposed to be the top market for new home construction, but it doesn't make the homebuilding prospect list... HBJ
  2. Hope it's not a stickbuilt. Or else better fire suppression...
  3. What an ungainly looking building. But not the only one being proposed that's a block balanced on a pedestal. What gives?
  4. And we have us another backdrop for a Slim Thug video...
  5. I keep thinking of the DJ Moderat. Perhaps because Alexandria has one called the Modera Tempo... That's actually pretty massive for a Modera project...
  6. So oil just hit $80 a barrel. Party time again?
  7. I have a hard time identifying access to the place. I'm also not seeing much greenspace around it. Where do kids play?
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