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  1. Guys, thanks so much for replying - I can see now why Telfair is more expensive. Actually my budget is around 260/270, which is the maximum that I can afford - at the same time I want something as close as possible to hwy 59 and the house shouldn't be more than, say 3 years old. I guess, with my budget, Telfair is out of question - is there a chance I can look elsewhere to satisfy my requirements ( Greatwood ofcourse, as you guys pointed out, is a place I need to go and look at ) - any other suggestions? thanks
  2. I am looking to buy a new home at Sugarland, staying as close as possible to highway 59. I read about Telfair from this forum and had a look for myself. This new development looked good but what absolutely confounds me are the prices - does anyone have an idea, what is it that Telfair has, that the prices are marked so much higher compared to new homes by the same builders in other nearby places - there are hardly any homes selling for anything less than 300,000. Also can anyone suggest me some good areas in Sugarland very close to hwy 59, where I can go looking for homes not older than 2/3 years ? Any help, advice is very well appreciated.
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