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  1. Is it just me or has their progress slowed down immensely? Texas Tower is zoomin by
  2. Thank you so much for layin it out. That area is definitely our first choice and we certainly hope we can move in.
  3. So does anyone know how this will impact home prices? Currently shopping around and love the East River project of course, but now with the NRP project going in I'm wondering if I buy a house for say 350k on the North side of the bayou, which seems to be the average around there, is it immediately going to drop once the NRP opens up or is East River going to offset that?
  4. BTW errbody, Google Earth has 4/19/2020 imagery now for the CBD area
  5. took these on my bike ride and rooftop apt garage
  6. why did I think this was gunna have some kind of Glam to it
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