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  1. Need a reminder to bring reusable bags? Here's an incentive program everyone can get behind. http://grist.org/list/plastic-bags-printed-with-dildos-guarantee-youll-never-forget-your-reusable-ones-again/
  2. For a group so very into name-dropping everyone in the principals' rolodexes, I find it funny they need to hire a NY branding agency just to come up with a name. No doubt Dave Chang will thumb over a prototype menu on the sample paper and we can expect a press release over that, too. At any rate, I drove past today to see the glass/windows being delivered and it's starting to look nearly finished. Assuming it doesn't collapse under the weight of its own self-importance, this is a def a nice add to the area.
  3. Aha! so you are one of the townhome light-and-view blockers on this stretch of Allston. My friend lives in one of the remaining (completely obscured by overgrowth) bungalows on the block. Interesting.
  4. thx for the footage Ricco! I drive much of that stretch a couple of times a week. This past weekend I biked the downtown parts. Until I got distracted over at the GRB and put my front wheel in the rail track groove (appx. 3:30). Bike is still in the shop new scabs all over left leg and arm made a good impression at my job interview today, surely. Tidbit to note: the Moontower guys' new bar in the works is allegedly just left across the track at Milby (6:56) past the El Charro. For those of you who come to the next houseparty at Casa de Crunch, right turn at 8:17. Anyone who went to Niche's warehouse space to party a couple of years back, that was left and over 3 blocks at 8:59. For those interested, one of my neighbors has their place up for sale in the 4600 block of Walker. Small lot, basic bungalow, garage apt in back, appx 275 ask.
  5. So I read the blog post linked. The phrase which comes to mind is 'grasping at straws'. To even suggest that the utter socioligical failure and financial ruin of Detroit can be attributed to lack of rail is mind boggling, when the only data point (and calling it a data point is using the term wildly loosely) is did x cities in bankruptcy have rail or not. None of those other cities had the same confluence of decades- long failure and decay as Detroit. No wonder rail fanatics get such a bad rap. This guy clearly lives in an alternate reality. So now that we have realized the slow decline and ultimate failure of the auto industry, white flight, a re-born, smaller auto industry without the attendant good jobs, a huge uneducated, unemployable underclass which happens to be the majority of city residents, resulting lack of investment, no jobs, decades of corruption and cronyism....and this blogger is still hoping for a streetcar. To take Detroiters where, exactly? To jobs? No, this is emphatically not an 'interesting perspective.' It's crazy talk. I'm not anti-rail by any stretch, but jeez. This dreck is not helping anyone's cause.
  6. If it's any consolation, the nasty stuff rumbling past in tanker cars a few blocks away will kill you much faster. jkg! (Should things go sideways, totally not likely, and esp.after all the grain elevators along Center St were replaced with townhomes, so less things to burn). Welcome to inside the loop! I know it's a lot, but you'll get used to 2-3 cycles of traffic lights. FYI, just in case you may want to do skin checks after about 6-12 months here, esp. living near downtown or the bayous. What starts out looking like a large-ish skin tag can grow really fast, especially in summer! (I know, tmi right?) How close are you to white oak bayou? The alligators are only up in the yards after a large storm.
  7. I'm with you brother, right after my dream of converting the astrodome to a state- of- the- art combo vertical/aquatic indoor farm is realized. Sigh, it's too bad niche isn't here to see the FNG ideas. I think he'd love the idea of (almost) door to door transport to walmart.
  8. No kidding-- density is only good at a certain price per square foot. Lomax made a funny over on Swamplot with the phrase 'yuppie favela'. We all snicker and nod because we're loathe to contemplate what the Yale 'densification' would look like if the rents were cheaper. Oh, wait, it would look exactly like beautiful southwest houston. Face it, 'bad' density's got nothing to do with traffic or other stressed infrastructure.
  9. I for one am growing increasingly upset by this constant harping on caliper inches. Heights activists need to stop fat-shaming!!!!!!!
  10. Does this mean the only things we'll be last in is an MLB team with no ring, and public transit? I guess if Bucee's can be a cool brand, the piney woods theme- park donkey is not such a stretch. Eww I just got a little shiver of self-loathing typing that.
  11. Sadly, there is no new grocery store going up in the east end, but we sorely need one. I would like to see Kroger or Fiesta step up and put in a new large full service store somewhere in east downtown/greater Eastwood or the 2nd ward. Lots of space to choose from! Seems there is critical mass of new residents to float it, plus third ward from across 45 as well as folks in downtown proper would shop there. I am so over Gulfgate HEB.
  12. I did see District 9 ---- solid dystopian story set in an unexpected place, but sort of a let down with the usual sci-fi bug alien stuff. Visually very cool. Just watched a (straight to video?) Cusack thriller called Numbers Station that kept my interest better than most, only because my partner kept explaining to me all the code-cracking lingo and history that to me was really cold war and WW2 history. I guess we get another Cage/Cusack film here soon, IMDB sez there is one where Cusack is a serial killer in Alaska and Cage is the cop on his trail. Bonus points if Steve Buscemi shows up.
  13. That's so funny you posted this. We saw WWZ today and came out saying, 'hey, that was better than we expected." I still think 28 Days Later is the best zombie flick. One of the reasons I wanted to see WWZ was not for close-up zombie action but those big wide shots of entire cities and landmarks being swarmed with the undead. Ehhh....Those shots left me pretty tired of the same'ol same ole GC. I actually found the Israel stuff plausible. It is a paranoid state, not without reason. The whole drama of Brad Pitt in the WHO vault with the freaking ebola, marburg etc. was too much. Really? Let's just randomly stuff a couple of dozen vials in the box and pick one that works???? But of course, after he was impaled on shrapnel and didn't die, and the one-handed soldier girl never went septic. And can I just say how tired I am of Brad and his crinkly-eye close ups? Reminds me of the American Dad episode about Clooney and his squinting. Brad is tons worse. On balance though, I'm still glad we saw this instead of Man of Steel. Yawn. Superman has to be the most boring of the superheros. The trailer for Elysium looked promising. That will probably be the next movie outing. Re: John Cusack. No way can he be compared to that waxy marionnette Nic Cage!! Yes, I will admit in public to watching Hot Tub Time Machine twice, and was not even baked when doing so. Yes, he frequently plays the same character. But he also uses money from crap films to bankroll stuff like War, Inc. What about The Paperboy? Eww. Not your usual JC. admittedly Cusack has been my fantasy BF for like 20 years. Except for Say Anything, which is the Stairway to Heaven of Cusack movies. No Stairway! In other news, I've been really enjoying HAIF lately, esp with the Chevron tower news. I actually think the design is not as dull as could be. The 3 grouped together won't suck. Some great things starting to happen in Houston.
  14. I go to DG fairly often while out biking, at least every couple of weeks now that I'm unemployed. But middle aged women tend toward the invisible. I know what you mean though. The people who come to the park are very diverse. My experience is, unless there is a programmed event like a concert, or it's a designated children's outing, or they are exercising, adult white people in Houston don't tend to do public spaces. Also, it's really hot.
  15. Demographic reality? Houston's population in the core absolutely lends itself to private, circulating minibus. As an addition to funded transit.
  16. Interesting that everyone's solutions are automatically all (assuming so) public or majority publicly funded capital projects. Perhaps my answer doesn't fit within the definition of "mass transit," but I would propose the addition of a smaller-scale, private option. Open up the market to short-hop jitney companies to service people on the street grid within the mass transit routes. Seems like there's plenty of middle ground to be served that's not bus/rail, biking/walking and private cars. Metro and the taxi cartel can learn to share.
  17. I love the Houston v. Portland turn this thread has taken! Hmm: lash my dead body to a raft made of unrecyclable #6 plastics, set on fire and let drift down Buffalo bayou, or..... put a bird on it?? Houston FTW!
  18. One can only tilt at the 380 windmill so long, so I keep waiting for the new outrage over the 24 hour fitness that's supposedly going in. I was chatting with a couple of people in line at the starbucks and thet were really excited about the gym and having the walmart there. I can only assume they were not from acrosss the highway in the Heights, but from the adjacent west end/washington neighborhood and felt the new develpoment was a benefit to an underserved area. Hmmm.
  19. definitely cool meeting some new HAIFers....we should do this more often and hopefully expand the group.
  20. Great idea. For lower Westheimer. Already has the foot traffic. Actually, keep the street open for bus traffic only, flanked by bicycle lanes. Peds stay on sidewalks. Would need to build a couple of parking garages, but hey, ground floor retail, right?
  21. Wayne's running for school board in Katy. Saw the signs up all over when I was out visiting my folks last week.
  22. Glad I checked back into this thread. I'm in for the 31st. Will be fun to welcome some new faces. Chamo, WTF! good to see you're still around!!
  23. It's on a good street/block. Prime seats for Eastwood. Definitely well-kept.
  24. Liking the idea of some day drinking at one of the bars along the trails; the new Lucky's is quite convenient. I keep meaning to check out the little icehouse place on Silver and Houston that re-opened not that long ago. But hell, I'm easy if someone else is willing to be JulieYourCruiseDirector. I'm also 'between jobs' at the moment, so am easier than usual. Yes, apparently that's possible.
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