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  1. Not quite so dramatic, but more or less. If you want realy good stories, find an old timer and ask them about the 'hospitality suites' at OTC back in the 80s before the bust. I had to giggle at La Strada--the walk of shame brunch for clubbers who refused both shame and sleep.
  2. ditto everything on Sev's list, plus: the 80s punk scene the original Westheimer street fest Phi Slamma Jamma back-to-back world champion Rockets and the massive impromptu street party on Richmond Ave (Sams Boat/Place and Richmond Arms block) when they won all the defunct venues/clubs but especially Axiom and Power Tools back-roads cruising out in Katy-Fort Bend, skinny-dipping in the rice wells on the Katy prairie, also all the motorcycle trails to ride on back when there were only 3 subdivision on S Mason road crabbing underneath the old Kemah drawbridge catching crawdads in ditches and b
  3. What do you mean precisely by abandonment--of the city street? I have a friend who lives on that block with no plans to sell/move, but to me it seems it sure will be painful to stay.
  4. My point was simply that a google map representing the by-product of mostly western wealth, e.g. photographs of landmarks, has got little to do with 'historic preservation'. Landmarks become such because humans want to be closer to god, money and power. I'm well aware many special places are not by-products of religion, and I am likewise not 'butthurt' because many are. A few landmarks get lost along the way due to war, neglect, etc. But I do believe that humans get the outcomes they deserve, and will ultimately organize themselves to preserve what matters most, and not because an arbit
  5. So, to sum up why historic preservation is important: westerners with money have cameras, go around, and use the cameras. How very Google. Looking at the map, based on the competition from Christendom and token other ancient religions, I'll go out on a limb here and guess that the Astrodome is never going to be considered a contributing structure in the global preservation popularity contest. Glad we settled that.
  6. Ah, the olden days, when the beer sampling prize was a guy called Nobby from Manchester and his friend staying temporarily in your apt while they picked up drywall jobs and part-time "worked the door" at the pub.
  7. At the Richmond Arms, we drank 20! And didn't get no stinkin shirt! Yarrrrrr! Gurgle. Cool shirt. I wish I had kept more mementos of my oh- I- just-stopped -in-for-a-couple pub years.
  8. Does anyone know where I could get a couple more of the old green recycle boxes? I discovered they are the perfect container for growing carrots and leeks: rigid and UV- stable, lots of drain holes, deep. I've noticed in some other cities that have the large recycle bins have moved to smaller size garbage bins. This would work for us--a 2-person household and we generally have 1-2 tall kitchen garbage bags of trash per week, but lots of recycling and compost scraps.
  9. Nay to Trader Joe's, Yay to another full-service grocer with meat and seafod counter, full range of produce. Would love to have a dept store again, but preferably Nordstrom. Macys sucks. A sporting goods store. Also, I don't believe there is a dry cleaner in the entire freaking east end. Please, a good dry cleaner and tailor, not the $1.99 War on Cloth that calls itself a dry cleaner. On street level open until 7/8 pm, preferably by the Y.
  10. http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_eye/2014/05/19/rural_studio_builds_brand_new_20_000_houses_in_alabama.html I like how they approach the economics of the community, contractors, workers etc in this project, not just the house plans. Pretty nifty designs which if scaled up, with slightly more luxurious finishing, would be good structures for the retirement co-op/compound I want to build.
  11. All this talk about HAIF story-arcs make me miss TexasVines. Either that dude was truly unhinged, or very, very good method actor. BTW....Red still reads the forums on occasion, just doesn't post. I'm sure one day something will draw him out of semi-retirement.
  12. Niche and RedScare occasionally post at Swamplot. It's a shame that discourse devolved, but it does after a while in a closed loop. Whether we admit it, HAIF is. That, and men and their egos. Myself, I got bored with the same conversation over and over again. Let some time pass and now HAIF is interesting again. Don't know how many of you remember the name but Memebag has appeared on swamplot recently. Godzilla redux ; HAIF dinosaurs back to the internet again? U B the Judge!
  13. As I remember there was some bad blood here on the forums surrounding Niche's departure from HAIF, which is why this is in Way Off Topic. Not sure how many of you stay in touch with him, but I know many of us knew him personally. Anyhoo, he's still in Vietnam, and is settling in DaNang with his wife Yen. He was married earlier this month in what sounds like an epic village-wide, week-long party in the countryside where his wife's family lives; his parents made it over for the event. And.....a baby on the way due in early November! I've got his email if anyone's interested.
  14. If Ed Emmett wants to start this charade all over again, that's his prerogative. But like Subdude said up-thread, nothing's going to happen that doesn't align with either Rodeo's or Texans' interests. So, either they pay every dime associated with re-purposing the dome, or not. Voters made it clear they don't want any more public money spend on it. Perhaps the impending shame-fest will convince the two interested parties they need to work together and open their wallets.
  15. Not exactly hard hitting tv news, but I didn't realize spending was down so dramatically on road repairs. Sure would like to see the numbers on Rebuild Houston and where the drainage fees collected since 2010 have been spent. Why do people vote in these thinly-veiled special interest handouts with no accountability measures??? http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/in_focus&id=9522429 Have to admit I like the laundry basket full of pots. Pure cheez but effective.
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