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  1. Also, look for Haik's Huge lot on the South side of 10 to bring something new in 2014.
  2. There's a rumor going around that the new Haik building may go taller than originally planned. No confirmation, but it looks like he's already in talks with a lead tenant.
  3. LOL! And I mean literally. You really ought to think about hitting the comedy club circuit with this stuff. Utterly Clueless.
  4. Noticed a couple of days ago that excavation was done about a block West of Dairy Ashford. Looks to be about two acres. Anybody have a clue as to what's going up?
  5. Just when I thought we had gotten rid of our SSC posters. Well except for one anyway.
  6. Yeah, I guess your right... To borrow a quote from one of our premier members: "So fellow Houston Architecture board members, sit back and watch Atlanta and Dallas get all these cool projects while Houston sits stagnant! Welcome to Houston, the 4th largest joke of a city in America."
  7. Sorry about the repeated post I made about "inside the loop." Scrolled through fast initially and didn't see the other comments. Still an odd comment.
  8. I kind of figured, But I've been here a long time and have never heard that called "the loop."
  9. Am I reading the article correctly? Says the only retail is a leasing office. "1916 West Gray will indeed have retail space on the ground floor — if you count the facility’s leasing office, that is."
  10. Drove by yesterday, and this phase one development is really strange. Seems like an odd use of such a large piece of property.
  11. I would be very careful telling anyone not to answer their door. if it's a bad guy your showing him that no one is home, and that invites a break in. One of the rules I've learned in my many hours of defense training is to either be armed at the time (a few rules with that), or address the person through your locked door and tell them you have 911 on the phone.
  12. If the first poll is a more accurate measurement, then it looks pretty good, but they need to go after the 20% of undecided. My gut says it will pass.
  13. Actually, it shows it's very close. Another polling company finds it's even. "Another poll, conducted for the campaign working to drum up support for the dome project, shows a tie: 43 percent in favor and 43 percent opposed, with the rest undecided. The group's poll surveyed 500 likely county voters and has a 4.5 percentage point margin of error."
  14. That's actually a pretty cool photo.
  15. I know it's already been said, but this is a real disappointment for such a high profile property. I'm not even considering the initial plan or the second plan.
  16. Any idea who owns the land on the 610 frontage where the parking lot is going? That seems like a super prime lot to build more concrete.
  17. No question that Urbannizer did some great work here, but man, that must have taken a lot of time. I always enjoy your posts.
  18. Seriously, you have got to stop this. Please stop, think and use some form of reason and deduction before making comments. I'm at the point that I wonder if your just screwing with everybody.
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