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  1. Looks like this is just part of the development. The residential is separate from the Hotel Zaza.
  2. Your looking at the wrong location. The daycare, while Shell's, is in front of Conoco Phillips West of Dairy Ashford. The crane is on the Shell campus which borders Dairy Ashford and runs east.
  3. While I understand that most of us would like to see companies like Shell expand closer to the cities core, I don't understand why some here have such an issue with market demands, and the obvious fact that these companies know what they're doing. It's been explained on this forum many times by those that understand the business. I also don't understand why some here don't realize the makeup and layout of the city of Houston. This is not Chicago or New York. Houston will never be like those cities and is not designed as such.
  4. I'm a little confused at the two new towers (New crane). It's hard to tell from my office, but it doesn't look like there is enough room for even one more tower.
  5. Yep. You were right. Drove by yesterday and the crane is on the Shell campus.
  6. You sure your not seeing the crane for Jacobs Plaza? It's right behind Shell.
  7. Seriously? Do a little research on HAIF before posting. Either that or try SSC.
  8. Thanks... It's exactly where i figured it would be. Nice find, and nice addition to the area. Hopefully this will bring more projects online for the area.
  9. Any idea whether it's on the East or West side of 6? I wouldn't think a project of this size wouldn't fit on the East side, so I'm assuming it's on the West. Grisby is a cut through for morning commuters, and if this project is where i think it is, it's going to cause a huge backup in the AM. Regardless, This is a good start for a somewhat delapitated and underused area.
  10. I'm involoved with NOV on a daily basis and can tell you that they are buying up oilfield service companies almost monthly. They're offices on Parkwood Circle are but a drop in the bucket of their local office work force. The Parkwood Circle office towers are dated. Suprised it's taken them this long to have a spanking new space. I can tell you that the employees are very excited about the move.
  11. I have been in the art and musical communities in this town for years, and have no idea what your talking about. While Houston may not be putting out smash pop artists in music, it's acts do very well regionally and even nationally. Hell, I have a top 50 album in Japan and Europe and my band was discovered here. The artist here also do very well and many make decent livings at their craft. As far as the police and court systems not being "nice to artists or musicians?" I'm at a loss. Not once have I ever encountered this, nor have I know anyone in the community that would agree with that statement. Why would either have an issue with the art community? Keep in mind that Houston has never consistently been a spotlight city, and many of us like it that way. Sure, if you want to make it big time, then LA or Nashville's your best bet. Even Austin with it's heralded music scene doesn't put out many national acts. Sorry for getting off topic, guys.
  12. Haven't read the entire thread here, but I'm a little sad that they're tearing down the Texas Tower. While I'm sure renovation would be a fortune, I've always liked this building. Ah well, I guess that's progress.
  13. My lord! Would you please read a little before posting? Thank you.
  14. So they have the same page of renderings for this project and Gables? Again, same rendering as in the Gables thread.
  15. Am I missing something here? The above rendering is the same as in the "Gables Post Oak" thread.
  16. All of that being said, and considering their long term lease (at least 7 years), and the fact that the stores numbers have risen from last year, nothing's going to happen for a long time.
  17. Half Price did have a large old home at one time that was just a few blocks from the current location. Regardless, this thing isn't going to happen anytime soon unless all the long term tenants reach an agreement with PM. 7 to 10 years is a long time.
  18. Yeah, I know, but sometimes I just can't help it. I need to find some kind of support group.
  19. It wasn't directed at the hard work Urbannizer does. It was a simple statement that the rendering looked a little cartoonish. Further, I finished by saying that this forum has seen renderings like this come to fruition. Just curious as to where the rendering came from.
  20. Yep. They just brought the portable office. Looks like the fence the built around it is large enough to house at least two more. Excited for this to get going.
  21. Urbannizer, Curious as to where the rendering came from. Looks a little fishy, although it wouldn't be the first time a subpar rendering came to fruition.
  22. Surprised nobody has asked about the fish in the Braes Bayou section. Were those catfish or carp? They looked pretty big.
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