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  1. Looking to move towards the medical center. Found a nice apartment complex called Fountains At Almeda located at 9000 Almeda Road. Anybody ever live here? How is the management? How is the build quality? Thanks
  2. It really does look odd from the North. Noticed that on Friday. Was hoping it would encompass the entire top, but looks like that's not happening. Although a much nicer building, it kind of reminds me of Memorial Herman's offset crown in Memorial City. Just strikes me as a strange thing to do.
  3. I couldn't agree more... Being a landscape guy, I would have done it a little differently but, it is a nice step forward.
  4. Not sure I agree... It's not groundbreaking, but it's a decent looking hotel. The view at night from the pool deck (East) is very nice. Plus it's the best looking highrise in Memorial City. IMO anyway.
  5. Was hoping for a little more depth with the landscaping. Having said that, it's better than before.
  6. I could be wrong, but it looks as though they're creating a berm for landscaping.
  7. I'm in Dallas weekly, and have no clue where their groundbreaking designs are. Edit: I can't spell.
  8. I'm a little curious. Considering what we know about the project, Where would you have the patrons park?
  9. I mentioned the Nicholas Clayton being razed for this travesty a month or two ago. Regardless of the state of the Clayton, this is a terrible replacement for a nice piece of existing architecture. I find it sad.
  10. Your posting in the wrong forum... You might want to try here http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/forum/39-houston-real-estate/
  11. I appreciate the response, and don't need an education in the "real world." Again, I asked a simple question. A simple and informed response was all that was needed. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the sarcasm. It was a simple question regarding a beautiful historic church being razed... Now, please explain how it was "impossible to renovate."
  13. I haven't been following this, but are you guys telling me that they knocked that beautiful building down, and are putting up the terrible crap (page 3) in it's place?
  14. Yeah, this isn't in Katy, but West Houston. Also, the article mentions two stores nationwide (Houston and Nashville) which is incorrect. They are building one in Austin as well.
  15. brijonmang, Could you educate me on what filter/camera/app you used to get that awesome color effect in the "Market Square tower" thread? Sorry, don't have the link, but it was from July of this year. I ask because I'd like to get whatever it is.


    Thanks in advance.

    1. Gary


      Just found the pic.


    2. brijonmang


      Hey Gary,


      No filters or apps were used for that picture.  Just my Nikon D5500 and a Sigma 18-35mm HSM DC Art lens. I do use Adobe Lightroom for almost all of my photo editing and that is what makes the images look more vibrant as the RAW files are fairly flat until you play with them a bit in post processing.

  16. Cool shot. My buddy put the Bike fest together. There is a lot more planned for bike festivals downtown in the not to distant future. They've been very successful.
  17. The more I look at the screen shot, it looks like this is very preliminary. Here's to hoping something changes, and vastly. This is prime real estate and this development looks like the uptown Target on steroids.
  18. Lum, I personally love the fact that Houston has a small town feel to it, and keeps being too sophisticated in check. It's what makes it quirky... Austin's anthem applies.
  19. Am I the only one here that thinks this tower isn't very attractive? Love the infill, but not a big fan.
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