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  1. The antique mall is still there (Upland and 10), But it's pretty much a used car dealer at this point. The Cannon site is about a mile North between Brittmoore and the beltway.
  2. The Esports arena is a pretty cool addition. I still think this is a strange site for this project.
  3. The south side of the building looks like brick. Looks like it from the rendering anyway.
  4. There was a Wolf nursery right next to the San Francisco Steak House. I believe it's now a Target. I know because I managed a furniture store there in the early nineties and found many check stubs etc relating to Wolf. It was a 24 acre site and still had the greenhouses in back. There were trees growing out of the greenhouses that had to be 30 years old at least.
  5. Hines tower really shines in your last photo. Really grabs the angles of the building.
  6. As I've said before. I look forward to your updates on Sundays. Keep up the great work.
  7. "pop wood?" Not sure what your talking about, and that's quite the assumption on your part. Was trying to get some clarification on the quote. I despise the building and wouldn't want another foot of height.
  8. "Above the Hotel Zaza?" "MetroNational is developing a 133-unit luxury apartment concept, dubbed The McCarthy, above the Hotel ZaZa"
  9. Just talking tonight to my buddy who owns 2 acres on Church Ln and Brittmoore. He told me that this project is a go... Kind of a strange place for the development seeing that it's being built in a warehouse district.
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