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  1. I haven't thought about Mr. Bill in years... back in high school, a friend and I would draw Mr. Bill cartoons on each others papers when we exchanged them for grading. Those were hilarious! I wish I still had them.
  2. JLWM8609, the new principal is Dr. O'Neil. He's from Louisiana, and is a great (young) asset to this school.
  3. I've just fallen in love with Houston all over again.
  4. I agree that the Monument has gone down in quality... you'll do good going to Beesaw's for a good ol' greasy burger. They are great people, and even let me get back in the kitchen and cook up a few orders (after I convinced them I still "had it" from my old Red Top days 25-plus years ago).
  5. Sea Arama sure brings back some (vague) childhood memories... I must have been around 3 or 4 years old, and I want to say my step-father was friends with the owner for some reason (Does anyone know who owned SA?). We were there practically every weekend, and it was awesome!
  6. Now it's a popular stop for bikes. Nice people!
  7. This site is amazing! WestUNative, I'm a general contractor on the (new) Longfellow Elementary Replacement School. The pictures you've posted and the information you included is awesome. I'm going to forward your information to the Principal at Longfellow ES. I think he'd really fancy them.
  8. Wow, those old photos are amazing! I just ran across this site, so I apologize for the old response. I graduated from BHS in 1986, and am just sick to see the new design. I'm guessing it's PBK or Bay Architects by the design. Actually with the 'steeple', I'm going to put my money on PBK. They like to mark their territory with repetitive designs ad naseam.
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