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  1. I heard that fast food places make most of their money off of drinks.

    True story: (I know I deserve it for going to Jack-in-the-Box, but still...)

    My son wanted the chicken strips and is a curly fries freak, but never has been a fan of sodas/cokes. So when I ordered the meal-thing for him, the JITB person asks, "And your drink?" I replied, "Water." JITB person replies, "Uh, you have to get a coke."

    Uh. Okay. So I told said person I didn't want a drink, and the genius replied, "You have to get a drink." We debated on this for a few seconds, then the JITB manager made the executive decision to approve the water substitute.

    It was just too damn funny... takes all kinds, doesn't it?

  2. I don't know what it is about this over-priced coffee that steals my heart.. my kids and I are in love, so it must be a family affair.

    The most amazing frappuccino was made for me about 10 minutes ago (mocha attack!). I took one drink and looked the girl square in the eyes and sighed, "gawd, I love you". She laughed and told me she loved me too. Great sense of humor, kids these days.

    My son loves the organic milk, and we've spent many milk breaks together chatting about U-Gi-O (however you spell those stupid toys), Raw Wrestling, and other alien-boy things. (don't ask me, I just pretend to understand what he's talking about)

    My daughter and I have taken many frap breaks, chatting about everything under the sun. Most favorite is how I've always let her order 'expresso', without correcting her. She's 18 now, and I don't have the heart to do it... it's like telling her the moon isn't really made out of cheese.

    Good times... I guess you can't put a price on memories.

  3. You can find some REALLY nice places to stay at vacationrentals dot com

    I just peeked at SF and they have some nice places you can rent by the week, which may even be cheaper than the cost of a hotel... more private too.

  4. Pennywise could easily be the reason a therapist would make loads of money if my daughter were their patient.

    She's 18 now, and a simple sight of that clown still brings tears of fright to her eyes... I think she must have watched that movie as a small child at a friend's house, never telling me about it. I did that when I was little... saw Jaws, and it traumatized me.

  5. Y'all are sharing some great stories!

    I'm sure I could write a book on mine, but one that comes to mind... not awkward for me, but was for the architect:

    There was a serious hate/hate relationship between the architect and our GC team. E-mails always fly between all parties involved on our project, so hitting 'Reply All' is the norm. Well, this architect (obviously) meant to hit 'Forward' instead of 'Reply All', and sent EVERYONE an e-mail, which included but was not limited to curse words, claiming how out-of-line were were, and how sick of this *more cursing* he was, and endless erratic ranting.

    Not much later, another e-mail was sent to all parties saying, "Sorry, that was intended for so-and-so only..."

    What's funny is he's done this several times... once I replied and told him, "You've hit 'Reply All' again instead of 'Forward'..." To which I got another, "Sorry..."

  6. Anyone have any idea what all the steps are to start a bar in Midtown and about what it takes capital wise to open one? Also any opinions on if Midtown could take another bar/club and what you think would do well there?

    Save yourself and take a selfish vacation... DON'T DO IT!!

    There are so many things to consider when you want to open a bar. First and foremost, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

    My sister and I opened a small bar with practically zero capital, and are about to celebrate 2 years. We bought a little dive that has been in business for the past 25 years (only two previous owners). It was already sucessful, so the only thing we changed was the name and the carpet. We have 'regulars' who have been going to that bar for 20+ plus years. One of our bartenders has been employed there for 15 years (yes, we got her in the purchase too!). Basically, this place would do well regardless of who owned it... the regulars will keep coming.

    Aside from the above, you will literally sell your soul to the State. You have so many regulations/requirements/etc., to deal with that it's just mind-blowing. You have to a permit for every direction the damn wind blows... my favorite: Dance Floor Permit. Yes, you read that correctly.

    If you truly want to open a bar, you can drop a line via HAIF and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. However, my best advice would be to just hang-on to your sanity and remain a patron. ;)

  7. I need to add some of those groups to my Summit web page. If you guys think of any more groups that played there, let me know.

    Summit venue

    That's a cool site you have! I've seen (of course) The Village People, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Prince (his Purple Rain concert)... and I remember my sister going to see Aerosmith. I want to say she saw Peter Frampton too, but I can't confirm that one.

  8. Depressing is an understatment... really.

    I don't think it's been mentioned yet, if it has forgive me... the old Gilley's site was purchased by the school district. I haven't really been keeping up with PISD, but I believe they're building another high school there.

    Don't quote me on that, though.

  9. KK's pub? Compares to Kay's? Sounds like a place I would enjoy a cold one or three. I might drive over to my old stomping grounds and check it out some time.

    Come on by anytime... I've been told we have the coldest beer. Nothing on tap though, it's all bottles.

    ...and we have Titos!

    Thanks, Texianjoe... that sounds right. I do remember not too long ago the battles of trying to go wet but I was thinking that was more So. Houston area for some reason.

  10. hahah! There are days I wish Pasadena was dry... drunk people can get on your last nerve!

    It's called KK's Pub, on Fairmont Parkway (just off Burke Road). It's really in Pasadena (actual limits). There are some places in Deer Park that (for whatever reason) you can buy liquor/beer/wine, so there must be some strange boundries involved in liquor licenses. Just let me warn you, my pub is a little hole in the wall 'Cheers' type place... everyone knows everyone, and it's more a gathering spot of old friends. One couple even brings their dog in with them everyday.

    (Just kidding, TABC!)

    I would compare it to Kay's Lounge in The Village, without the $10 pizzas.

  11. Ronald Clark's son, Timothy O'Bryan, was my friend when he was murdered. We played together everyday...

    We lived in Parktown Townhomes, in Deer Park. Our house number was 762, and his was whatever was across the courtyard. I never really trusted adults again after that. Never Trick-or-Treated again either. Ronald always gave me the creeps, even as a yound kid.

    Ronald Clark was (I believe) the third execution in Texas after the death penalty was reinstated, and always denied killing Timothy.

  12. My first visit to The Summit was for a live concert... it was either '77 or '78 (making me around 10 at the time).

    My older sister took me to see The Village People. There were no chairs on the floor, and I remember smelling so much pot, and seeing clouds of smoke, lots of drugs, drinking, and very friendly people. One of my sister's friends picked me up and put me on his shoulders so I could scream my little girl lungs out! It was probably the best memory I'll ever have of The Summit, especially before all the changes (chairs, security, political correctness) took place. No, my mother had no idea.

    I loved The Village People, and was in love with the construction worker only to find out later he'd never be in love with me. So I moved onto Leif Garrett.

    Thank goodness I grew out of that one...

    Please share yours.

  13. The Gilley's sign now resides at the Cowboy Ranch (or whatever it is called now) on Spencer and Red Bluff in Pasadena.

    Actually, Jim closed the Cowboy Ranch and auctioned the sign on e-bay. Last I remember seeing, someone in Canada was high bidder.

    Cute little fact about Cowboy Ranch: The restaurant sat in two cities - Deer Park and Pasadena. There was a yellow line in the restaurant that represented the split... it may have even been the actual line. Either way, it went through a table of four. Since Deer Park was dry, it was rumored you couldn't drink on the Deer Park side of the restaurant, but could drink on the side that rest in Pasadena. I've been there several times, and was only denied alcohol once or twice in certain areas... could have been the staff playing, or the real deal.

    The pub I own in Pasadena has a Gilley's Retro Nite every Wednesday. It's a great young crowd and good times, complete with Mickey's son Greg and his posse.

    Never a dull moment in Pasagetdowndena... that's for sure.

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