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  1. After years with Cingular, I just switched to Cricket (tomorrow will be one week). I got the Slvr (sp?) phone, have unlimited everything (including internet), and am very surprised to say I love it!

    Regarding the non-coverage area(s), the sales gal told me if I needed extra coverage minutes (ie: planned on going out of town) then I could buy them whenever.

    Now I'm constantly sending picture texts to my daughter, and having a load of fun with it. Yesterday's peak moment was being able to take a picture of a huge mass of splattered seagull poo (I think was) intended for me. Luckily, the seagull was a bad aim. And thanks to Cricket, I got to share that moment and bond with my daughter.

  2. While reading up on my heritage (Historian, W.T. Block website), I ran across a post I found really, REALLY interesting.

    It was regarding a cemetary in Hardin County, Tx.: The poster visited an old cemetary and was questioning the position of the graves being north/south instead of east/west. It goes on to say the graves on a north/south axis were rumored to be of those who committed crimes, positioned in that manner so they could never see the sun rise or set.

    Any of you ever hear about this?

    Can you offer any others? I'm curious now.

  3. A place I've discovered while rock climbing in West Texas, is Bandera.

    I'll second that... Bandera has two stop lights in town. Great (relaxed) night life, and very friendly town. If you're up for an afternoon drive, head out through Boerne and enjoy the winding, hilly (is that a word??) roads. Hunt is a beautiful little town, Uvalde has breathtaking scenery, and Devil's Backbone is a must!

    I just don't think you can ever go wrong with the Texas Hill Country.

  4. I remember The Chicken Coop... not a boobie-bar, but it was always interesting to drive past. I was barely a Freshman in high school when we'd sneak a drive in from Freeport ("Mom, we're going to the Brazos Mall!") and cruise Westheimer... probably with Adam and The Ants blaring from our cassette tape, as we so desperately tried to be cool.

    Good times!

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  5. Oh wow! I never could remember the name of that place (which you're correct -- doesn't exist). But if it did, I'm sure it would have been the place a date took me one evening after dinner (back in the early '90's).

    First date... can you believe the nerve of that guy? Lucky for him, he was hot.

  6. My favorite coffe place has the best cappuccinos in town. I like Croissant Brioche in the Village. It's a french bakery that has been there for years. Lots of International people hang out there. I think they use Illy espresso. It's the bomb. And their croissants, pasteries, and croc monsieurs are awesome!

    Wow, you're right... I forgot about that place. Used to go there several times a week when I worked in The Village.

  7. I wish the tax payers could see the way bond money is being wasted on new construction and renovations. My favorite experience was a district getting a chemist involved to match the school's color 'green', so (6) green accent bricks on a mascot wall would be an exact match.

    Cost to tax payers? A mere $15,000.00.

    School pride? Priceless.

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