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  1. Awesome, I'm glad they finally caught one of the thieves!
  2. It's just the drive-thru that's open 24 hours. The doors close @ 10. I drove thru last week
  3. Yep..it's way overpriced too. I almost laughed when she gave me the prices.
  4. Pearland doesn't give a crap about safety..only $$ We've needed a turning lane on Shadow Creek Parkway going east to turn on Reflection Bay since Shadow Creek opened. There's not even a shoulder you can pull into. With traffic going 50-60mph..you can easily get rear ended by someone not paying attention. I've even passed by a few accidents there. Now with the shopping center opening up in that intersection..they just created a nice safe turning lane there right after Reflection Bay, for a shopping center that's not even open. They wouldn't want you to get hurt in a car accident before you can
  5. This sounds way too much like an ad. Considering this is your 1st post...i'm guessing you work for Newmark.
  6. I don't know why they even need a second garage. I work at the Heritage Plaza & the garage isn't even half full, even though the building is 85% occupied. Seems like a waste of money to me, especially with more & more people taking the bus, rail & carpooling.
  7. I didn't end up closing on the house cause of all the break-ins in the new Oak Hollow section. There were 2 sets of break-ins in April...both delaying my closing which was already late. Not only did they steal from my house...but also several empty Imperial inventory homes & one owner that closed on his home, but didn't move in yet. My house was stolen from at least 4 times in the past 5 months. These weren't 'casual', pick up some material left on the floor thefts, but a lot more organized & violent. In the last 2 thefts they broke open the rear door, tearing apart the door frame. T
  8. Wow..so after the $750 HOA Fee, $100 HOA Transfer Fee, and a $375 suprise there's an extra HOA fee we didn't tell you about until closing day..they want to charge $10 per key? Absurd.
  9. Even my realtor didn't do her homework before showing me homes in Eden Cove recently. Perry has some real nice homes with great floorplans with big incentives in Eden Cove. The only thing that stopped me was the dump..oh yea..and the schools.
  10. Yep, I saw him out there yesterday morning hiding behind some bushes. It's a good thing they don't have laser radars..I can pick up his signal way ahead of time. There's no reason that street should be 30mph. There's nothing in that stretch, even schools. ...Another example of unfair taxation.
  11. Residents of ST, unite! :) Good to know you, neighbor.

  12. Who's great idea was it to have that kind of brick/fence wall? Their backyard is visible to whoever drives along that road. There is zero privacy! I think I remember a wooden fence there, until it was replaced by this...I bet those homeowners were pissed. I would have put up something also.
  13. The area where I live now got annexed by Pearland last year. The 1st thing they did was reduce the speed limits and put up stop signs in unnecessary annoying places. It's all about the money. One Pearland cop who lives in my neighborhood got sneaky. He normally parks his patrol car in the street...but every once in a while..he's in it with his radar on, giving tickets to anyone who goes over 25. Kirby has no business being 35mph..it's ridiculous. They clearly aren't using the '85th percentile method' or a recommendation by a traffic engineer..but are controlling the speed limits to tax the pub
  14. Looks good except for the brick indoors..but i guess some folks like it. Nice floor plan too, like most Ashton Woods plans. Woah..it has 50k in upgrades! You can expect at least 30k off that asking price.
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