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  1. I would check out Su Nguyen, architect/owner of Metropolitan Design Group, inc. and StudioMet.net. Websites are www.mdgi.net and www.studiomet.net. Send me an email or message if you have questions.
  2. I just had one done recently in a 4th level attic, 40 gal gas replacement and it cost around $900-$1000s. They have to drain it and it is quite a pain. I insisted they remove the old water heater... don't let them leave the old one it there. It took 2 guys and they struggled to get it out through the house. They put the old one in a special bag to protect the house while removing. They have to pay to dispose of it... so even though the cost of the water heater doesn't seem like a lot, the labor is not easy. Plus it is freaking hot in the attic... I used S&B Plumbing located in Bellaire. They go to Midtown also.
  3. are you referring to Urban Lofts / Larry Davis, the builder of the metal townhomes or the real estate company, Urban Living? They are totally different. I didn't know that Urban Lofts the builder even ran ads in any magazines.
  4. I have sold many Urban Loft resales and the inspection reports on them consistently come up pretty clean. They are low maintenance and you get a lot of space for the money. The issues that do come up could be considered minor. The stained concrete floor issue is common for builders other than Urban Lofts and I've seen it with another high end builder. My client, the seller had a rubber mat down with a treadmill on it.. it stuck to the floor. They called a company out to have the floor buffed and resealed... and I could get their info if someone needed it. The other things that come up are the gaps in the pine plank floors.. but common for those homes. Some have wider gaps than others. And if they are still using the one AC/Heat unit zoned 2-3 ways, that can sometimes be a concern. But for the price, you cannot expect 2 separate units. The ones they have used do work and I've talked to AC guys that have serviced them and said they are fine. If you go in and do some unique things to the house to make it a little cooler, you'll likely be fine for resale. Upgrades to counters in kitchen and baths... plus upgrading tile to stone in baths usually means a lot. Hope that helps. And.. if you have a yard space.. that trumps almost everything else. With green building becoming a popular thing, i think the Urban Lofts with their lower maintenance exterior will become better understood. There will always be those that do not like the exterior.. but there are other that think a lot of traditional townhomes look like glorified apartments inside. It just depends on your taste.
  5. I know MDGi and they just did the design work... not the building. I too had the same questions about the ones on Leeland as to who the actual builder was... but it could be a developer providing the money to build using their company name and another company doing the actual building/construction.. hence the confusion. That is quite common. All builders have to be registered with the state through the Texas Residential Construction Commission... the website is http://www.trcc.state.tx.us/default.asp. You may be able to cross reference the info you have there.
  6. Here's the link: http://www.har.com/8368482
  7. I work with a builder/architect, MDGi, that builds a lot with CMU, i.e. concrete masonry units. The concrete blocks are often painted and from a distance looks a lot like stucco. Some of the houses have exposed concrete block walls inside. What price range are you looking in? The location will change the price quite a bit due to land values.
  8. Realtor fees on both sides, i.e. listing agent and buyer's agent, are typically paid by the seller... like 99% of the time. So, if you are a buyer and you have a buyer's agent.. and you are looking at homes listed on MLS vs. For Sale by Owner, then you don't need to worry about paying anything to your agent. The seller will pay it. Realtor fees are part of the listing agreement between the Seller and Listing agent.
  9. Looks like Moonlight is now under contract.
  10. We're exploring Braes Heights and Ayrshire since they are closest in. The more modern the better for them. Lots of glass preferred. They love terazzo floors. They'll go ranch if they have to. Willow Meadows is definitely an area that I am encouraging as well IF I can find something. As for time frame, I have represented them on various projects and houses, they act quickly once they find what they want. This will be a "baby" of a project for them if they can find a good one. They want to find something fun and challenging to work on.
  11. They are definitley open to Meyerland... but probably not much further out than that on the West. Timbergrove on the north. Price up to about $300k-$500k pre restoration. They'd probably go higher in price for the right place. Has to have room for a pool. Doesn't have to be brand name architect. Robindell would be too far out for them. Square foot minimum of about 1700.. probably needs to be up over 2000 s.f. They have the ability financially, know how, and team of people to do a larger scale restoration than just cosmetic. And of course they prefer to find one intact vs. one that has been remuddled. Although, they can't be that picky. I know I have opened a can of worms... but with little on the market, I figured I'd see what I can come up with.
  12. I have a buyer (i'm a Realtor) that has owned homes in Palm Springs (mod ones)... they love mod.. and have put me up to the task of finding a mod here to restore. They are specific about area in wanting to be close to the Loop and preferrably inside the Loop. They will not go to the east side of Houston or Memorial. If anyone knows of a home that someone is willing to sell that is not listed OR if you know one that is listed or new to the market, etc... please let me know. They just got back from Palm Springs and are jonesing for a house. Thanks!!
  13. House looks great! I love it that the baths stayed intact.
  14. I would speak with MDGI, Metropolitan Design Group, Inc. Specifically the owner & main architect, Su Nguyen. www.mdgi.net
  15. Architect is Wittenberg Partnership.
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