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  1. Dallas had a similar looking Ford plant... http://dallaslibrary.org/ctx/photogallery/...ing/adamhat.htm
  2. Has Sears replaced the missing siding yet?
  3. Good Gravy! This is fantastic! Thank you so much! How many more pictures are there that aren't on the website?
  4. Does anyone know how the Moody Mansion handled the storm?
  5. Knowing Sears, they have extra siding in storage! Sears is having some really, really bad financial problems right now. I hate to say this, but I bet it'll be a long time before Sears/Rice restores this building. It'd make an awesome off capus location for Rice, wouldn't it?
  6. Perhaps if we can borrow a truck with a trailer hitch and some rope, we can finishe it? =)
  7. Doesn't the house already have missing tiles? It's a miricle that the house didn't sustain any more damage. Do you all think it'd hurt if I downloaded my copies of the blue prints on here? Also, I hope this isn't a silly question. Would it be okay if I could get some people here in Fort Worth to sign the peteition?
  8. I forgot to say that the first picture looks like Mrs. West's bedroom. The child's room doesn't match any other family bedroom in the plans, with the exception of the identical maid's rooms (one above one another) and the "secretary's" room between the music room and library.
  9. I'm sorry I didn't answer any questions any sooner. I forgot the name of the gentleman who I contacted, but he was really nice and he was with the Fondren Library. I have copes of the original plans, and copies of the remodel plans too. Hey Sloane, how were you able to get those old black and white pictures?
  10. I don't think it's even been flooded. I've seen pictures of it (recent) on the inside and it looks like there is no interior flood damage on the first floor. We had some great pics of the house here a while back, but we had to take them down. I still have them on my pc at home, and I bought the plans from Rice. It's a special house.
  11. I sure hope that nothing happens to the house.
  12. Were they moving dirt around when the fences were up? More than likely, the orange fence was a silt fence. They are used to keep debris and muck getting off the property.
  13. Lang and Witchell designed dozens of colonial revivial mansions in Dallas, early in their partnership. Of course, none of them are around any more. A few Lang and Witchell designs are left in Dallas, but are of varying architectural styles. There was a house in Lancaster, Tx that was a cross between 1766 Pasadena and 217 Westmoreland that L&W designed. If I could get my hands on a color scanner, I'd scan my pics of it for you all.
  14. From HCAD, it appears that a frat sold the house on Pasadena to it's current owner. I did google the house Westmoreland house, and it's under another topic here on this board. It appears that it's owners are a little eccentric.
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