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  1. I thought some of the best sports bars in town were synonymous with boobies. Who needs ESPN or FOX when you have a bunch of naked chicks sitting on your lap? Sure, less expensive....but....
  2. Thank you, 713, for clarifying my point and taking the time to respond. To be honest, I haven't been able to see KinkaidAlum's point of view on anything here because of the "guns-ablazin'"-type attitude. However, I've chosen to ignore his posts since this morning. No need dealing with silly arguments all day. Onward and upward!
  3. KinkaidAlum--you MUST be a liberal. You never answered my question or responded to my post and now you have turned this all on me. How fitting! Where did I ever attack you that you even should have THOUGHT about a "counter-attack"? That is the most asinine (yeah....it's one "S") thing I have ever heard! Try civility once in a while in your posts. It would be a refreshing change for you. Color me McCarthy but I think BILL WHITE IS A BIG FAT COMMIE! I can say that in this country, right? It's MY OPINION! I'm not "charging" him with anything. Give me a break. Sullivan--I really don't give a rat's behind if light rail is out here at T & C. Please read my post again. I voted against it, period. And my bet is the numbers have been a bit fluffed. (Just for you KinkaidAlum-- that's another opinion. I'm afraid I don't have anything to back that up. It's based on my views of our city government) Have a great day everyone! I'm off to enjoy a rainy Sunday in bed with coffee and cinnamon rolls!
  4. OH MY STARS!!!!! Does that bring back some memories!!!!! My mother was an avid Another World watcher, so naturally during the summers, every day for that brief two years we watched Texas. Thanks for the link!!
  5. It's "dear husband" sometimes it can be something else if he's not being his usual charming self. For the record, I voted against light rail. I never wanted it and thought it was a huge waste of money. A different kind of rail would have served this city much better, IMHO.
  6. I love those curbside street mosaics. How sad they aren't protected or restored in some way.
  7. How funny! I love your web page, BTW, it's great!! That's my dad in that pic with his first wife Pat. She still lives in their house--after all these years! I live right next to Mem Bend in Georgetown, the condos. If we end up staying in Houston, I told my husband it's a Floyd house or nothing! Good thing he loves them too!
  8. KinkaidAlum--I really don't know where this hostility and rudeness is coming from. Obviously, we stand on different sides of the fence. You seem to have this problem with anyone that disagrees with you--that's not going to get you very far or give you much credibility in a debate over this city's issues, or anything else, for that matter. Slide off your saddle for a minute and take a breather. Again with the hostility. *sigh* First, I must applaud you for your originality. I haven't heard anyone say "Drop that cheeseburger in paradise", that was very clever. Unfortunately, it was about the only thing you said that has any merit whatsoever. Are you a recent Kinkaid alum? If you don't think Bill White is in the pockets of the mayors that came before him, you are much mistaken. He is following in the footsteps of Brown--lots of projects started, very little accomplishments. If he can follow through with something successfully I will have a lot more respect for him, but IMHO, he's turning Houston into his own little Mockba. I have a question for you: Do you work in the Medical Center? The main reason traffic has increased in the Medical Center is because several Park & Ride routes have been cut because of the train. It has backfired, big time. Ask anyone that works at MD Anderson and lives in West Houston/Katy--we all had to go to the public hearing last year and protest because they were going to cut the ONLY TMC Park-n-Ride from this side of town, forcing EVERYONE to take the train (which btw, is a BIG pain--most people are now driving because it's faster and cheaper to do so). The only reason they didn't is because we all got together and went down during the hearing and spoke up. Unfortunately a lot of people never even knew it was going to happen because Metro doesn't make these things too public. They do what they have to do at the minimum, legally, and the people suffer the consequences. Metro's attitude is "deal with it." The other main reason is that they have cut out two major lanes of traffic along Fannin for the train. The train that, as debmartin pointed out, stops traffic every six minutes. I hope that explains why my views aren't, as you say..."%#$*.". Of course construction is always going to be an issue in TMC. Hello--? It always has been and always will be. Sometimes I wonder if the place wouldn't just shut down if there were no construction for a week.
  9. Hey texasdago, I think you might have read an old article about that? The 9-story prof building III has already been built. It sits at 923 Gessner. The old Oshman's lot is 975 Gessner, according to Metro National's website. However, I'd love to know where you heard about Central Market going in T&C? That is literally right across the street from me and I'd be just tickled to death if it went in there!!!!!
  10. Well, the man played great basketball. Sure doesn't mean he has a brain, does it?
  11. I can see it now.......all Palace Inns are bought by the Hilton hotel chain and will be considered "Paris" hotels.....how perfect
  12. kzseattle, isn't that the truth! UGH! That place is HORRIBLE!!!!!! It's so tacky! On a more nostalgic note, I remember when that used to be Luke's, they had the best bacon cheeseburger around at 3AM....how I loved Luke's!!!!!
  13. BTW I forgot to include this link to the HBJ article indicating Central Market and CVS as competitors with Mem City Hospital: http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/sto...ewscolumn3.html
  14. Hi! I have a couple of questions. On what side of town is the developer? Is it a part-time position? I have my RE license, but per doctor's orders, I can only work 20 hours per week. I would LOVE to get a job again. Fair warning: I am 5 mos. pregnant. Not everyone wants to deal with that, but I am excellent with customer service, detail, and budgets, and I have a great phone voice! I also already have great insurance!
  15. Hi, I'm rather new, but when I saw this thread I knew I would have to jump in here because I think Bill White's running start has slowed to a crawl--much like traffic, road construction, and practically everything else in this city. I live on the west side of Houston, across from Town & Country. Bill White, IMHO, hasn't done diddley squat. $6 savings for a $140K property owner? Gee, that means I'll have a tasty $4 savings or thereabouts on my condo. WOW! Let's go to McDonald's and celebrate! Cameras at intersections, smoking bans, the tow policy, and now talk of radar enforcing cameras all reek of Big Brother, but Houston deserves everything it gets because, after all, the city elected this man. I agree with Coog that like Brown, White has lots of irons in the fire. Too many, if you ask me. White is derriere-deep in the pockets of Brown and those who came before him. Personally, I feel his style is a bit too communistic for my taste. As for the light rail--what a joke. My husband works in the medical center and has seen absolutely NO improvement in traffic--if anything, it's WORSE! Houston has more track than most major cities--did anyone think to lease some commuter trains and test it out on the major corridors? Unless tracks are built--and quickly--where people will actually USE it...MetroRail is going to be a casualty of the SuperBowl and if anything, a budget-sucking second-rate tourist attraction. Give me something I can USE, please...
  16. Thanks subdude for the welcome! I've been a lurker for a long time, I love this forum! I just wrote to the management at the Westheimer CM in the hopes that they will write back with some answers. I can't find anything on the MetroNational site at all.
  17. Bennigan's has closed its doors as of three weeks ago to make room for the freeway expansion. I chatted with some staff at Chili's and they say they are not closing but will sit instead on the future feeder road and will expect more business than ever! Fine with me, 'cause I love Chili's! I took some pics of the T&C mall demolition. This was about a week ago. I am going to take more this week. I will post them later. It's sort of a bittersweet farewell for me, as I was just a tiny tot when we lived in Fleetwood and came over to shop when it was an open-air shopping center and not a mall. We used to go to Panjo's Pizza and Dad would go shop with Mom at Sakowitz. Those were the days! I remember the mall's peak, in the 80's, with Neiman's, Marshall Field's, Joske's, and Penney's....there was a McDonald's in the mall (back then, that was rare!). I remember Abercrombie & Fitch when they were an upscale OUTFITTER, much like LL Bean...and I remember when Neuhaus Chocolates was still around. In my 20's (1990's), I was the manager of The Bombay Company in the mall until 1994 or thereabouts. The design of the place was its biggest problem. I am glad to hear of the future plans for the space. BTW, does anyone know what happened to the Hunan's II restaurant that used to occupy the building in front of the mall on the Toll Road side, with Black-Eyed Pea? I loved their food, they'd been there for years.
  18. I talked to the folks at Chuy's, apparently they had a choice: to either re-do the Richmond store or expand north to the Woodlands. The Woodlands won out.
  19. Hi, I'm new, but I have been actively watching what has been transpiring on the south side of I-10 for some time now. Jared does have plans to move to space along the south frontage road in between Gessner and Bunker Hill, in front of the Foley's parking garage. They began building it just a few weeks ago. I keep scanning the Houston Business Journal for any info on Central Market moving to the spot that was once occupied by Oshman's, but I don't see anything. Has anyone found out any information from Metro National? I would never move from my condo if I found out Central Market was coming! Good gravy! FWIW, I love the hybrid H-E-B in the Woodlands. It's so new, still, that a lot of folks don't even know it's there, which could account for a lack of crowds. It's a really nifty blend of CM and a conventional grocery store. It will be very interesting to see how the new freeway expansion changes things around these parts!
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