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  1. Hey, no problem! Always glad to help. No--what you're talking about is happening now, and has been happening for the last 10 years. It's mainly because of rezoning schools and allowing areas south of 1960 near the Beltway to be bussed into Klein Schools in those neighborhoods. Have you seen the home prices as of late in the subdivisions to which I refer? You sure about that, Red? I remember it at least as far back as the early 90's when I lived right off of 1960 and Paramatta Lane. Hey, thanks for the smugness, finally something we can all use in this discussion. God knows there's plenty to go around! Yeah, right. BTW, where she was was not ghetto.
  2. OH NO! I used to live at both Marquees back in the '90s--I knew it was just a matter of time. I loved both of my apartments there. It was such a hip address!! Great examples of MCM apartments. So sad!!
  3. OH PUH-LEEZE! How many times have you done anything like that in your safe little neighborhoods? I know I have and it doesn't make me a "hoochie mama". Egads. The woman was parked in front of a dentists' office for God's sake. All she wanted to do was check the hours on the door. I can name at least ten women (and men) right now who have done the same thing. It really doesn't matter whether she left the car running or not--he was going to take her car no matter what! I really don't understand the whole "blame the victim" mentality. Honestly, it could have been anyone here. It happens to the best of parents. I saw it all unfold on television and I thanked God that little boy was safe. We all have to be diligent about our surroundings, no matter where we live. I also agree w/ Mr. Football's assessment. Metro moved in and the landscape changed entirely for the worse. Unfortunately, the line of demarcation (1960/Veterans, etc) is spreading to points north and west, and the Champions folks (mainly south of Cypresswood) are going to feel it in their property values unless they do something about it now. Who would have ever thought beautiful, established neighborhoods like Greenwood Forest, Olde Oaks, et al would have their long-time residents running further north to Klein and The Woodlands? White flight is in full swing! Yee-haw.
  4. We gave Havana another reprieve, this one lasting 7 months. She has bitten again, this time, a dog belonging to my in-laws, and that cost us $1K to fix all the holes on the dog's body. If you still think I am a horrible pet owner, then please, care enough to take her--because if we don't find her a great home, my husband is taking her to a shelter. If you can't take her, then spare me the rhetoric. Again, she needs lots of love, lots of playtime, and preferably a one-or two-person family. She does fine with cats. She loves the dog park. She has never had problems with dogs there--the incident happened at our house over a piece of dropped food. I'm just glad my daughter was a few feet away and not right in the middle of it. Thanks.
  5. Hey there HAIFers, Our daughter Phoebe was just diagnosed with autism two months ago. My family and I are walking for the Autism Speaks Walk in October at Reliant Stadium to promote awareness and a cure or treatment. I know it is a little unorthodox to "pimp" a charity here, but because it directly affects my daughter and many of you were here when she was born, I was hoping I could impose on you all to just check out her page, or even join our team--the more walkers we have, the merrier a time it will be! Below is the email I sent to our friends. The link to our team page for donations and joining is at the bottom. Even if you can't donate, I would appreciate it so much if you could keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much, Polly Phoebe needs your help in raising $2000.00 for autism awareness! Our team is called the Feebs Fanatics, and we're walking in October for Autism Speaks, a non-profit group created to promote awareness and a cure/treatment for autism. You may or may not know that Miss Feebs has been affected by this disease, which is becoming more prevalent across the United States every day. According to the CDC, 1 in 150 children are being diagnosed with some form of autism. In Phoebe's case, she has great difficulty communicating--even the most basic needs, i.e. a drink, hungry, etc...things she should be able to do easily via signing or speech. Instead, we have to constantly guess or assume what she wants. She "stims" (stimulates) by eating books, playing with toys inappropriately, and "shaking" things like keys or anything else that dangles, for very long periods of time. She loves music and her shows, and by all accounts is a very smart little girl. Our hope is that she will one day be in Kindergarten with her peers and that by adulthood, her autism will be just a faded memory of a few learning difficulties that she was able to overcome. Phoebe is our gift from God. Always smiling or laughing, she is a beautiful, wonderful child that deserves the very best we can give her. Please help us find the reason this is happening to her and to other little children like her so that we can help her become the very best Phoebe we know she can be! Visit the FEEBS FANATICS page below and DONATE NOW--or join our team to Walk for Research on October 27 at Reliant Stadium. Thank you so much!! PLEASE CLICK HERE to check out FEEBS' PAGE! "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
  6. As usual, the folks of Houston are too little, too late. I think I'll move to Galveston--at least they treasure their history. Houston seems content to raze theirs.
  7. Definitely San Jac monument, and even though it's technically Katy, Forbidden Gardens!
  8. Yeah, they do get sillier. Though it isn't surprising coming from the man who gave us subdivisions named after his wife and daughter! I think the next one should be The Enclave at Extravagance. Hmmm...methinks this could be a whole new thread...."Name the Next Kickerillo Neighborhood"... Is anyone else digging the latest pic of Vincent? Ooooh! All that's missing is a gold necklace. http://www.kickerillo.com/houston-custom-home-builder.html
  9. Looks like Kickerillo is going back to his old stomping ground near Williamsburg Settlement. I knew good things were going to happen to that community--it's a gem of a neighborhood and an overlooked Kickerillo treasure that he couldn't finish due to the economy at the time. There isn't much on Grandeur Park, but it is going to be a gated community just east of the new Grand Promenade and just south of Williamsburg Settlement off of Colonial. Has anyone heard any more info? I haven't seen any press releases or news on it.
  10. Thanks you guys! Katie, I am going to go drive through there this weekend, probably Sunday. Springwood Forest looks like a nice neighborhood. Danax, they have a Civic Association. Do you think that holds the same water as an HOA? Not so much? I will try to take pics and report my findings next week.
  11. That's just freaking criminal. I'm sorry....it just is. I heard this was going to start happening. A friend told me all Alamo/Texas Independence heroes names will be replaced on public schools within the next several years. I didn't believe him, but wow...he was absolutely right.
  12. That may be so, but with Metro already trying to cut P&R routes out to force users to go downtown and take rail--it wouldn't be quite so superior. It's already happened at the Kuykendahl P&R, and ALMOST happened at the Addicks P&R, had riders not practically stormed the METRO hearing on it--thanks to some clever word-of-mouth P.R. from the Med Center folks. Notice the new, big Cypress P&R doesn't have a direct route to the Med Center? That's no coincidence. Considering the TMC is the largest employer in this city, you'd think there would be a bit more help on the commuter end of things.
  13. I LOVE La Mads! They have much better coffee than Starbucks. The only thing I could cry about is their getting rid of the Pain Raisin. By far, the best pastry they ever had. *sobbing*
  14. It looks like a nice, established neighborhood. Can anyone tell me about it? There are some affordable homes but the area (77080) I know can be sketchy. The zoned elementary school is Edgewood (SBISD), primarily hispanic, has a TEA rating of "recognized". Also zoned to the Pre-K called Panda Path. Any info on either of these schools would be so appreciative!! Thanks!
  15. We terminated our contract on Otter Pond today. Both hubby and I feel like we need to stay in Spring Branch ISD where we are, or at least Katy ISD, for right now. Both districts have exceptional programs for special needs students, and I was not getting good vibes from the administrators at CISD. They seemed to be put out that I even wanted to speak with them about my daughter when she wasn't even enrolled in school yet. Our condo is still on the market, but The Woodlands, sadly, is out, which means Life Forms is too. I am a little sad, though not too much. I truly believe God has already told us what we should be doing, so I am okay with this decision. There are no coincidences, ya know? :closedeyes:
  16. Thanks musicman, as I mentioned, I checked their website and could not find anything....if anyone sees it please let me know! Thx!!
  17. I used to get this at Rice Epicurean off of Sage/Post Oak. Does anyone know if you can get it here in the States anymore? I checked their website and it doesn't look like it. If anyone's seen it, let me know! I am dying for their pistachio. Simply the best.
  18. LOVED the Judys in high school! Milk was my favorite song. I was just singing "Joey the Mechanical Boy" to Phoebe the other day
  19. I love Trader's Village! It's pure entertainment if you're a people watcher, holy crap are people ODD there. There are great deals to be had, but like a garage sale, you have to wallow in the muck a bit to find some treasure.
  20. Mom22, I forgot to respond to your question. They believe she is quite high-functioning, or perhaps even PDD-NOS. The psychologist evaluated her, but we aren't going for a formal diagnosis from a dev. pedi until we absolutely have to. She just turned two last week, so we have a full year to take advantage of ECI's therapies (she has speech currently, but will be starting OT on the 12th) until she gets into a Pre-K program. With Spring Branch ISD, she would be at Wildcat Way School until she is ready for Kindergarten. In the Woodlands, the Pre-K is through Glen Loch Elementary. I found out who the PPCD teachers are and am following up to get a feel for who they are. Someone told me I could also talk to them about doing an observation, so that should be helpful. I have also been told a lot about the Westview School as well as The Parish School. They are both over on my side of town. Supposed to be AWESOME. I think Briarwood is for older kids? I am not sure. VicMan, thanks for posting that--I am off to look at their webpage right now!!
  21. Hey everyone, I just want to thank you for helping me. Kinkaid, I'd appreciate any info about HISD, that would be great. Bach, thank you!! Our family and friends are in or close to The Woodlands. I agree Katie, that a support system is so important, that is the main reason we chose TW, since it is so close to Matt's parents and our friends. I did find out that there is a very good autism support group that meets once a month at the Methodist church there in TW, so I am happy about that. The Shape of Behavior is also up there (an ABA therapy facility) and I have been told that Aspire Pediatrics is awesome for OT and ST. Please feel free to chime in, anyone, with any info! All is appreciated. Funny, I am not as stressed as I was. I think it's because I am praying a LOT!
  22. Thanks everyone. Bach, that would be great. I appreciate your help. Really, she's so terrific, she's like a regular ol' kid, but with "quirks", and I just love that about her. Quirks are good in my book! I'm a bit quirky myself
  23. Hey, gang, I have a rather personal situation and I need your help. We were told on Wednesday, after a very long evaluation, that Phoebe is on the autism spectrum (non-verbal, but high-functioning, possibly even PDD-NOS). For those who do not know, we currently live in the Memorial area, in Spring Branch ISD, which has excellent programs for autistic or special needs students. Currently we are working with a speech therapist and an occupational therapist through ECI until she turns three. She will then be eligible for Pre-K. We are scheduled to move to The Woodlands July 5. I am a little paranoid since her diagnosis that we are doing the WRONG thing by moving...but that's only because I am rather ignorant about what CISD has to offer. According to CISD's site, we are zoned to David Elementary, which does not offer a Pre-K program for 3 & up, but we have been told Glen Loch has one and she would probably end up going to that. Can anyone give us a heads-up as to the quality of services of CISD for special needs students, specifically autistics? We've heard horror stories about Klein, great things about Katy, and as mentioned, great things about Spring Branch. Your opinions as parents mean a lot...thanks in advance!
  24. Oh my gosh! That is awesome! I have never seen a beaver before, except maybe at a zoo. That is really cool.
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