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  1. Best thing is to go visit each section and ask. It also depends on the section too. Because of brisk sales in Telfair, I noticed that several builders raised prices on June 1. Lots of people are relocating to the Sugar Land Area. Fluor, Schelumberger, etc. are hiring a lot of people.
  2. I purchased in the "itching for suburban decay". I already met a few of the neighbors on my street. Nice people with similar backgrounds and professions. My house will be completed by Sept./Oct. I see it becoming another Avalon in 10 years. Decay usually happens in starter home communities. There aren't any starter homes in Telfair with prices ~$300K to $1.2M+. It is close to everything in Sugar Land.
  3. Same thing happened to me. My wife and I looked at many areas in FC, NT, Sweetwater, Avalon...and decided to build the house the way we wanted in Telfair. congrats!....now the long wait...6-8 months
  4. I know a few folks that live there. A small neighborhood. But nice. Most the homes are 3300 SF to 4800 SF. But you will notice that they look very similar. I think there were only like 9 plans to choose from and most people picked one of five. Close to lots of things. Not too many amenities. You have a lake in the center. I had a friend that lived there for a little over 2 years, but then moved to Telfair in 2006, because he thought that it would be ideal for his kids. Pool maintenance, depends on the pool. There were some foreclosures in the area, so you might get lucky...Make sure that you find a lot that can house a pool. I am biased to Telfair...I am in the process of building there. I went with Telfair after a year of looking.
  5. Question for any telfair residents.... I am building in Telfair and my builder said that newland has stated that only oak trees can be planted in the front yard. is that correct? I wanted magnolias in the front. They said I would have to get a release from the developer and HOA...
  6. Another Telfair question. the current sections remaining are the ones just east of the model home park and a few lots in the custom home section. If you go to the website there are tracts listed for future expansion, but so far none of the developers have mentioned when these section will be open for development. anyone know what type of lots these will be? 70', 80' or 90'? I know a few of the builders like Perry and trendmaker look like they are getting ready to focus more on the Alinia developement...just wanted to know if anyone had any insight. thanks again.
  7. The selection at whole foods was pretty good. Prices were not too bad, some of the stuff was steep, but in general not much more than what you would pay a super-Wally World or Kroger. The items that you need to try are the the smoked pork ribs, beef brisket, and pulled pork BBQ. I liked the sample so much that I had to buy some for dinner that night. My wife who hates pork, even liked the pulled pork.
  8. Trying to "Time" the market and "locate" a house is getting to be stressful, but fun. The last 6-8 months has been interesting for my wife and me. We were getting advice to move to West U or Bellaire, so that her commute (and mine) would be 10 minutes at most. I just did not like the idea of spending 15K+ a year to send a kid(s) to private school (when we have them), having only a 2 car garage option, or having a 5500-8000 SF lot where I can reach out the window and lean into the neighbor house. After seeing the custom homes in Telfair, we decided that we will probably build a custom home...unless, a few home we have seen in Avalon or Sweetwater come down in price. (or a new one hits the market that we like). I think while most of the other sections of Telfair have slowed a bit and there are some great incentives...there really was not a "cookie" cutter home we liked or one that the builder was willing to make slight changes to for our liking. It looks like almost all the lots in the Custom home section in Telfair are sold out. I really did not think the 1.16M "spec" home would sell so quickly, but I saw a sold sign and a moving truck this past weekend while driving through. Well I guess my next step is to talk to both custom builders to see what they can do for us. Keeping fingers crossed. The lots that are remaining are all between 14,000 sf and 20,000 sf. Nice and big!
  9. Most of the mansions on palm royale are owned by wealthy asian and european business owners. Tracey McGrady "T-Mac" lives in grand manor. ( i saw it on the news)... i know one of the mansion's is owned by a software guy.
  10. Btw, I went to Telfair and stopped in to see some of the custom homes. I was shocked that almost half the lots for the custom homes are already sold. The agent told me most of the homes are going to be around 850K-$1M of the ones that were already sold! Yikes. Also the plan for the commercial mixed use maybe similar to Sugar Land town center with shops on the first floor and luxury apartments on the floors above.
  11. Telfair Phase 2 is open... Question: The Agent for one of the builders told me that the area across from the new section is marked as mix use commercial. What does that mean? I asked him if there was a possibility that new apartments would be built there, and he just looked at me and said that all he knew was that it was labeled mix use. Anyone know for sure? My wife really likes one of the plans in Telfair and loves the fact that Telfair is close to the mall, first colony, etc, etc, etc... I do not want to buy a new home...and find out in 2 years that some apartments will be built a BLOCK down from us. one more question: Anyone here that live in Telfair...Can you give me dimension of the 80 Foot section? is it 80 x 100, 80 x 120, 80 x 150? Thank you.
  12. The answer to why there are so many Asians in the SW and Sugar Land is simple...that is where the schools are good (except aleif is in the crapper now) I am the perfect example of the migration. My family and I came her in the early 70's. My dad worked in the oil industry and my mom in the medical field. We moved from the med center to Alief because they had good schools in the 80's to early 90's. As they (we) moved up in income, they followed earlier folks that started to make more $$ into to Sugar Land. Sugar Land is now known as one of the few cities with a very Afluent Asian population. Now fast forward to today... I Work in the Oil industry (engineer) and my wife works in the medical field (physician)...I guess some things never change I think we have cornered the market in these professions.
  13. My wife and I are sitting back at looking how Telfair come up. At the same time, we are looking for anything decent that pops up in the Avalon/Sweetwater Area too. I convinced her to wait a year if necessary, so that we can really be sure if we want to live in Sugar Land. We are also considering The Woodlands, West U, and Bellaire. we are leaning towards Sugar Land and the Woodlands because they are more conservative areas and are really good places to raise a family. Too many flakes and fruits in West U.
  14. I think termidor is the best. Even though you have to be a "pro" to buy...do a search on the internet it will make you a "pro". I sprayed it around an area in the garage that had a ton of termites about 3 years ago.none since. All my neighbors had treatments done on their places in that last 5 or so years, so I guess all the termites came to my place... A few homes in the area about 10 years ago were built using the steel beams. I wonder why that has not caught on. It seemed like those guy were able to frame quickly, and for us the home owners...no termites!
  15. I currently live in Sugar Land near the airport, and hardly ever notice any sound from the planes that land or take off from Sugar Land Municipal airport (about 300 flight take off from SLM daily). I don't think that would be an issue. I hear more noise from hwy 6 at night. Another question: Perry Homes is one of the builders in the area, any idea how good this builder is? I know they have been around for 20-30 years, but how have their homes held up? I currently live in a Brighton Home (not that well made. I would not buy another Brighton Home ever)
  16. First Post (Long Time Lurker): I am also looking at Telfair. I really like some of the planning and homes, but my concern is if there are plans in the future to build sub $260K homes in the area. My fear is that if I move into a $550-$600K home in Telfair now before the area is fully built out. I might get burned in 3 years if some lower priced home are built thus depressing my home's value. Anyone know the full plans of Telfair? I know there is going to be multiple sections, but everything past the first section is not clear. There will be patio homes south of 59, but what about the main Telfair area? My wife and I are also looking to move into established areas in First Colony: Avalon, Sweetwater, Commonwealth, etc.
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