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  1. Always wondered why Houston is not considered more of a tech city. I believe Houston is one, it's just not a "sexy" one. Energy, international trade/logistics, health services, aerospace and even construction need and are hiring tech workers. It's just not Amazon or Google doing it. If Houston is going to be a true tech city though, then it is going to have to investment much more in its infrastructure and most importantly in higher education. Cities like Austin, Dallas, Boston, and the Bay Area have high levels of research and development coming from their colleges and universities. DFW has a pretty high concentration of research and top trier universities that Houston does not currently have. Outside of the health sciences, Houston needs to improve its higher education offerings.
  2. I Love this project and all the residential going up in Downtown, but I am curious about the incentive. Does the city have a certain number of residential units or goal it is trying to reach in the first couple of years of the incentive?
  3. Great to see an empty block that could be developed but why change the name and boundaries of a historic Houston neighborhood because of it?
  4. Thanks for the list Urbannizer its awesome and so is our city!
  5. There was some information about this on the Chron and from the Houston Airport System. Rockets use a vertical launch and vertical launches are restricted at spaceports http://www.houstontx.gov/council/1/bfacommittee/20130709/spaceport.pdf
  6. The tower is not as tall or bold as many wanted but it adds to our skyline and complements the other towers downtown. Chevron wanted a cost efficient, centrally located, and comfortable office space for its employees and this new tower does that nicely. I was really hoping that they would build the city’s tallest tower but a tower that 75+ stories and 1000+ feet was probably never consider when researching what their new tower would be.
  7. We got to get bosh here first. Bosh said he is going to have to wait and see what Lebron and Wade does first. He is going to play back seat this off season with every other team in NBA except Houston. http://www.facebook....113833315310335
  8. That comment would most likely land someone in trouble in even the most moderen or westernized muslim countries like Turkey and UAE. Here in America we can draw or have yo muhammod jokes because that is our right. In every faith there are some type of rules or laws that people come up with that might seem strange to others, but those laws are not forced on the rest of the world. It is also not meet with such harsh punishment such as death to its followers and definetly not to people of a diffrent religion(at least not in the 21st century anyway). Grow up.
  9. I was upset after reading this article. The Pakistan goverment may investigate the founder of Facebook and others for the Draw Muhammad facebook page. Every other major religion can be depicted in shows like The Simpsons and Southpark or in politcal and religious cartoons, but not Islam. Growing up in America where Free speech is one of the cornerstones of the founding of our country I find it hard to believe that someone could be put to death for a drawing. If someone wants to draw Muhammad in America it is their right and they should not be afraid to do so.
  10. Nigeria is a member of OPEC, largest population on African continent, and Houston having one of the largest Nigerian populations in the counrty seem like a good move to me. Africa is devloping and trying to shead those "flying into war zones" stereotypes.
  11. Wow this is going to be a great park for the city. How much bigger will this be than Astroworld?
  12. I have to disagree with your statement. Texas has the 2nd largest public school system in the country; but we rank 47th in percentage of state revenue spent on public education, 49th in teacher pay, 46th in SAT scores, last in residents with a high school diploma, and 41st in graduation rates. We are getting what we pay for and it does not seem like much.
  13. Perry is a hypocrite. He deplores the federal goverment and the stimuls but accepts it to blance the budget. Right now Texas has some of the worst public schooling systems in the nation, but he denies federal money that our schools need. Maybe he will change his tune again for the betterment our schools.
  14. Can not believe I am saying this but I watch Housewives of Jersey. Mom and sis was watching it one day I came in and sat down and became hooked. Caroline is really annoying and Teresa at times seems some what like an airhead.
  15. I am a proud laker hater

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