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  1. You are basically correct, this looks like lot development for builders. I believe their (Hines) value is in assembling the land, city approvals, (land) design, and the infrastructure. A lot of builders either can't or don't want to do that themselves. This might be the largest tract of land sold inside the western loop in a long time!
  2. That little shopping center is in dire need of a refresh, so hopefully them vacating it is an opportunity to do just that.
  3. Looking at Google maps, there are four lots on that block. The Swamplot article says three are part of the deal, so I'll speculate that the one in the picture is not part of the package (the others don't appear to be as desireable), it is the most photogenic.
  4. Lookup Bayou City History and Story Sloane's Gallery / Vintage Houston Photography on Facebook. These pages often post old pictures, and have provided some on Harrisburg.
  5. Country Day Montessori in the Museum District might fit your needs.
  6. I know the owners through neighbhorhood activities, and they are big boosters in the area. It's always been one of my favorite homes (from a curb appeal standpoint, I don't know much about the interior), and is a great size for the area, a home you could actually raise a family in and still have space to spare. I've lived here since 2007, and it's always been in immaculate condition. Though there are some rough houses (i.e., "potential") on the block, those blocks are pretty desireable to be on. eta: I don't know much about stucco, except to say that this is the "real" deal, and so I think many of the modern issues with the fake stuff doesn't apply.
  7. So has anyone seen a press release announcing more than just a single tenant? I would think at this point that they have to be getting a little nervous at the lack of leasing. Of course they could have 5 deals in the works, but given the progress of the building, I would have expected more tenant updates.
  8. It's been interesting watching the progress between this and WaterWall Place a block away. WWP seems to be going up considerably fast, and floor-by-floor, garage included. In contrast, 3100 focused on getting the garage (100%?) complete before even pouring the foundation for the residential. There also appeared to be a week (at least) where nothing was being done at 3100. So it's hard to tell which one will be finished first, but it's looking like WWP will have the honors.
  9. Great looking house! From a design standpoint, this Willow Meadows house on Willowgrove) in the google maps link below is well done. I've been told the original version had a domed top (I think there might be a pic on here buried somewhere), but this actually looks better IMO. It's pretty open and airy, and has recessed lights for security. Good luck, looks like you have good bones to work with. http://goo.gl/maps/G3Kte
  10. Doubt it. They have pretty much received zero pushback from the area, other than requests from Idylwood for security/fencing, and more trees. The delay is likely nothing to be concerned about.
  11. Look at Midtown. Lots of land being held...and has been held for a long time...all in anticipation. The problem with anticipation is there needs to be a critical mass of action to get the investors to start on their own projects. Otherwise it's like a game of chicken.
  12. And under contract and sold are very different things. Land buys aren't the slam dunk with lenders they used to be, plus you have to convince them that your development plan makes senseNow if someone was coming in with all cash to buy and develop, that's another story, but really that's not going to happen on this scale. I agree that if the sale goes through, it's probably for a long-term purpose, maybe even just a land-hold strategy. Or maybe the city will throw money at it and accelerate development.
  13. 3100 Post Oak appears to have spent a lot of time adjusting the size of the lake on the property and putting in retaining walls, and so now it will be interesting to see each project compete to completion.
  14. More casual and family-friendly eateries are the main items that come to mind, not places buried in the Hilton, Embassy Suites, etc. We like to meet there for kid play dates, and get tired of the very few choices (Lake House, Phoenecia) that keep weekend hours and are a quick walk. I'd like to see more human-scale projects around the park, not just large buildings (and yes. I understand how the economics of it work).
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